Protein-packed “bomb”elette for runners

Ingredients and the finished product!

I’ve been wanting to write more posts about nutrition for runners because it’s so important to properly fuel your body both pre and post run, but to be honest, I don’t get many chances to cook. However, last weekend I had no plans so I was finally able to make a real breakfast- as opposed to my usual cereal, fruit and coffee- and I thought I’d share it with y’all. (This is my first actual recipe post so bear with me!)

My sister likes to called loaded omelettes, bombelettes because they are ‘da bomb. So, in her honor, I’m naming my veggie packed omelette from last weekend the veggie bombelette. This recipe is super easy and paired with some whole grain toast, will give you a great nutritional meal to start off your day.

The ingredients are simple:

  • 2 egg whites- some people buy the egg whites in the carton but I like to use actual eggs and separate the whites and yolk on my own
  • A dash of low-fat milk
  • Part skim shredded mozzarella cheese- I used the low fat kind
  • Assorted bell peppers sliced thin
  • Broccoli- try to cut it small so it doesn’t get to cumbersome with the egg
  • Red onion- sliced thinly
  • Seasoning to taste

The steps are also easy. After separating your egg whites, I like to add a dash of milk (who doesn’t need more calcium?) and after chopping up your veggies, spray a frying pan with fat-free cooking spray so nothing sticks to the pan. Then, add your veggies so they can roast a little before adding the egg. Once the veggies are a little softer, pour the egg white mixture over the veggies and swish it around the pan so it’s evenly distributed. Turn the heat down to medium/medium-high. Sprinkle some cheese onto the egg and then fold the egg over to make an omelette. I failed on this part a bit so mine turned into more of a veggie scramble, but that’s fine too.

The protein and calcium you get from eggs is so important for your muscles for running and the veggies add fiber which is packed with health benefits. This is probably too much to eat before a morning run but is perfect for some post-run nutrition. I hope you enjoy, bon appetit!

Gear review: Zensah compression sleeves

When I first heard about compression sleeves, I didn’t really know what their purpose was. I had seen people wearing them while running and also after running, but besides coming in cute colors I didn’t really get it. So, I started looking into it.

I took to Twitter and asked some of my followers if they use compression sleeves and what brand they use. After going through the responses I saw an overwhelming preference for Zensah Compression Sleeves. According to some of my followers, the Zensah sleeves aren’t as tight on your calves as some other brands and provide great support, so I decided to order a pair.

Of course I ordered the sleeves in the hot pink color (how could I resist?) and when they came in the mail I tried them on immediately. They felt great on my calves and weren’t too tight. So what are the benefits? Well according to Zensah, “gravity can cause a build-up of fluid in the muscles and surrounding tissue, which increases swelling and recovery time.” Long, hard runs can amplify this inflammation and cause recovery time to be much longer than needed.

Through their seamless compression technology, Zensah claims their sleeves can relieve these post-run symptoms and reduce any aches and pains related to exercise. After wearing them for a couple of weeks after my runs I have to agree. The sleeves pinpoint tension I feel in my shins and calves and leave my legs feeling fresher than ever.

Some other benefits?:

  • Improve performance- there’s a much shorter recovery period after long or hard runs when I wear my Zensah sleeves post-run.
  • Increase oxygen blood flow to your lower legs- this will help you legs feel strong and fresh. More oxygen in your blood, the better!
  • You can wear them before, during or after runs- So far I’ve only worn them after my runs (it’s too hot right now to wear them during) but they make my legs feel amazing! But you can test it out and see when it works best for you!
  • Provide stabilization for muscles during runs
  • Overall leg health- increasing circulation in your lower legs, ESPECIALLY post-run is so important for your overall leg health. Gotta keep that blood pumping!
  • Quite frankly, they make you look like a serious runner!

As you can see, I’m a big fan of these things. They can run pretty expensive (mine were about $40) but the benefits you’ll get for reducing your post-run recovery will be so worth it!

(Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I bought my Zensah Compression Sleeves with my own money.)

Fit Girl Happy Girl featured on #RunChat

For the month of August, #RunChat, a twice a month Twitter chat for runners, is celebrating Running Blogs Month. Every day of the month they feature different running blogs on their website and today they are featuring Fit Girl Happy Girl! I’m so excited my blog was chosen to be featured and would love for all of you to stop by #RunChat to check it out!

#RunChat aims to connect runners and chat about running tips, advice, training tricks and anything and everything running. The next #RunChat is on Aug. 26 at 8:00 p.m. EST and usually lasts for about an hour. Follow the hashtag #RunChat to follow along with the conversation. Through #RunChat I’ve met so many amazing runners and have gotten great running advice from them. It’s such a great way to connect and share your running experience and we can always learn more.

To check out my feature visit their website! Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @FitHappyGirl and them at @therunchat.

2012 Healthy Living Summit is almost here!

I’m so excited to be attending this year’s Healthy Living Summit hosted by the one and only Healthy Living Blogs in Boston! This is my first blog summit as a relatively newbie fitness blogger and I’m very excited to learn a lot more about the world of fitness blogging, as well as meet some of the other fitness bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging tweets with in person. The Summit is going to cover a whole lot of information and I’m going to try to blog about it as much as I can this weekend.

The Summit kicks off on Friday with a blogging workshop hosted by Derek Flanzraich, CEO and Founder of the Greatist! But unfortunately, I’m going to have to miss this amazing opportunity because of work (I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up with him afterward). The Summit is also hosting a cocktail reception Friday evening to mix and mingle and of course, network!
Saturday is packed with tons of amazing workshops, including a free Crossfit class sponsored by Reebok! I’m not going to give out any more information right now, you’ll have to check back this weekend to find out what I’m learning! I’m so excited for the Summit and I know I’m going to come away with tons of great new information, my only worry is when I’m going to fit in my 9-mile long run for training but I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Besides blogging about the Summit this weekend, I’ll be live-tweeting from the workshops so make sure you’re following me on Twitter at @FitHappyGirl and on Facebook at

Rules of the road: etiquette for runners

Yesterday morning I was on my easy 3-mile run before work. My run was going really well and because it was so early (not that bad really, just 6:15 a.m.) there was hardly anyone on the road. I took this as an opportunity to really focus and get into my run. It was very peaceful and I just felt good. As I came up a hill I saw another runner heading towards me on the opposite side of the road. She looked like she was about in her 30s, she had headphones on and was going at a kind of slow pace.

I’m a rather peppy person in the morning and I always say “hello” or “good morning” to people I see on the road during my early runs. I do this even if I’m killing myself going up a hill or nearing the end of a 12-mile run. I think it’s a common courtesy.

As the other runner came closer to me I smiled at her to acknowledge her presence and then waved and said “Good morning!” What followed after took me off guard. She gave me a death stare. She didn’t smile, didn’t even utter a word. She just kept running.

I always thought it was respectful to acknowledge other runners on the road. We’re not racing each other (yet) and we’re all working towards a common goal. Maybe this woman wasn’t a morning person or maybe she was stressed about something else but I couldn’t believe she didn’t even acknowledge me and worse made me feel like I had done something wrong. I think it should be a rule to at least acknowledge other runners on the road. One of the best things I’ve learned since becoming a runner is how supportive other runners and the running community can be and I think it is absolutely vital that we all stay supportive of one another. After all, shouldn’t we all run happy?

So today I took to twitter to ask some fellow runners their opinion on running etiquette.

  1. FitHappyGirl
    What are some important rules of the road for #running etiquette? #runchat
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 09:57:47
  2. BaldGuyRunning
    @FitHappyGirl I keep to the right unless passing and I always tell people when I’m passing esp in winner. I don’t want to startle anyone
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:05:22
  3. BaldGuyRunning
    @FitHappyGirl also if you are running with friends don’t take up the entire space in the path/sidewalk.
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:19:16
  4. odysseywoman
    @FitHappyGirl please #run AGAINST traffic even in a subdivision. Neighbors walking/running w/back to cars is huge #petpeeve #runchat
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:21:43
  5. JonathanandBall
    @FitHappyGirl always give a high 5 to another #runner in need. #runchat
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:30:01
  6. FitHappyGirl
    @JonathanandBall I love this one! Lord knows all #runners need a high 5 every now and then #runchat
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:46:53
  7. JonathanandBall
    @FitHappyGirl I sometimes rework my routes to areas more conducive to high 5’s. Sometimes it’s all you need. #greasyhigh5 #sweatypalms
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:56:31

Monday Motivation: Keep going

We all know training can be hard and sometimes your head tries to convince you to stop. But training is supposed to be hard because you are training your body to do something it didn’t know how to do, or didn’t know it could do. The next time that little voice inside your head says it’s time to give up, or someone who doubts you says you won’t finish the race, don’t listen. Listen to your heart and remember why you started training in the first place. I say this a lot but it’s really not about proving other people wrong, you want to prove to yourself that you can do it. If you go into training with that goal, you’ll surely be successful! Happy running this week and keep me updated on how your training is going!

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Week 10: Half-marathon training update

Always end your run with a smile!

Training went really well this week! My knee is feeling much stronger after taking a little running break due to an IT band strain. I ran three times this week and had two cross training days and yoga almost every day.

I started off my week with an interval workout at the local high school track. I did 2 miles with 4x400m sprint intervals. My average pace was 9:20/mile and fastest pace was 6:57/mile. This wasn’t my fastest interval workout but considering I had taken almost a week off, especially from interval workouts, because of my knee, I think I did a pretty good job. It was also a blistering 90 degrees with an insane amount of humidity so breathability wasn’t great.

On Tuesday, I went to the gym after work and did some cross training and strengthening. I did a mile on the elliptical and then worked my leg muscles and abs. Then on Wednesday morning, I did detox flow yoga which was really good for my knee.

On Thursday, I decided to test my knee with an 8-mile long run. I met up with my cousin after work but we had to wait until the sun began to set to begin our run because it was 95 degrees outside with 70 percent humidity. We started our run around 6:30 p.m. and I felt really great in the beginning. We started out WAY too strong though which proved to be a little too hard for my knee. Around mile 3 I had to stop and walk a bit because it was hurting. My cousin asked if I wanted to turn around but I knew it would kill me if I did so I decided to keep going.

The run was HOT and I was so thirsty the entire time but I was able to finish strong and strangely enough (yet again!) my knee felt great during the last three miles. In total, the run took 1:10:31, which included two short walking breaks (for my knee) and some crosswalks. My average pace was 9:33/mile and my fastest pace was 6:06/mile. Overall, it was a great run and I was so happy I was able to get out there and run the distance.

Friday morning was more yoga, I did the Lululemon Yoga for Recovery on YouTube.  On Saturday, I decided on doing an easy 3-mile run at an easy pace of 9:56/mile. I felt really great on this run and my knee felt better than ever! Sunday was another cross training and strengthening day which also went really well.

Overall, this week was great for training! I felt strong and ready to be back on the road. This week I have my runs planned out including an easy run, speedwork and a 9-mile long run. This week is also the beginning of my training for the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon so finger-crossed, I’m excited! I hope your training runs went well this week. Happy running!

Post-run protein shake

I’ve been looking into incorporating protein shakes into my post-run routine. I always thought protein shakes were just for juiceheads who spend their entire lives at the gym, and I also thought only guys drink protein shakes. After reading a lot of articles about nutrition for runners, I realized protein shakes are the perfect way to rebuild and build muscle after running.

After my 8-mile long run this week I tried a protein shake made by my cousin. We kind of threw everything into the blender and hoped for the best but it came out really, really great! We’ll call it the Strawberry Pineapple Vanilla Protein Shake. I thought it tasted like summer which is always a good thing in my book!

Strawberry Pineapple Protein Shake

Strawberry Pineapple Protein Shake recipe:

  • 1/2 cup of strawberries, cut into fourths (it’ll be easier to blend)
  • 1/2 cup of pineapple, cut into chunks (many grocery stores sell pineapple already cut up, we got ours at Trader Joe’s)
  • 1 cup of non-fat milk (can substitute for almond milk too!)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein
  • 1 tablespoon of Sunflower Seed butter (can be found at Trader Joe’s as well)
  • Ice

Just blend all of the ingredients together until smooth and enjoy! I’m going to be trying a bunch of different recipes for protein shakes and will share them on Fit Girl Happy Girl. If you have any good recipes of your own or have tried other post-run shakes, please tell me about them in the comments section!


Training for the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon!

It’s true folks, I’m beginning to train for the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon!! I think it’s also true that I’ve officially become obsessed with running. But on Monday, my cousin, who has been training for the Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon with me, e-mailed me about training for the Philly Marathon. At first, I thought she was crazy because we’ve yet to run our first half-marathon and now we’re going to start training for a FULL marathon! What?! But then I was intrigued and I started to look into it. We have 15-weeks until race day and after looking at a bunch of training plans, many of them range from 14-18 weeks. Also, since we’ve already been training for the half marathon, our long run mileage is up to 12-miles. Not too shabby. I also found out that the Philly Marathon is a perfect starter marathon because of the flat terrain. So, after very little coaxing from my cousin, we made the decision to start training.

I realize this is overly ambitious but I’m up for the challenge. I think training for the half marathon has already taught me so much about my body and how to train for long distances. I know I need to stick to the training plan because I tend to get overly excited and run more days than I’m supposed to. Oops. This time around I will only run on run days and actually rest on rest days to avoid injury.

I also really, really want to focus on my nutrition because after last night’s long run I realized I’m not eating enough for the amount of calories I’m burning. I eat super healthy but need to add more protein and carbs to my diet. I also am starting to explore the mysterious world of protein shakes, something I always thought was for gym juiceheads. But apparently, tons of runners have post-run protein shakes to build up muscle, so I will too!

I am still mulling through some training plans but have found a pretty good one from the Runner’s World Smart Coach. Since I’ve already done my long run this week I’m going to focus on strengthening and maybe a short run this weekend. I’m pretty excited about this not only because it’s a huge deal but I’ve come so far since I started running in March! The support I’ve received from family, friends and especially my wonderful readers and fellow fitness bloggers, has really made me realize I can do this. Thank you for your support and here goes nothing! 26.2 miles of nothing!