{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs, and Raves Track Edition

Tons of great stuff on the interwebs this week, but my Friday Faves seems to be completely devoted to track (runnerd alert, my apologies). I never ran on my high school track and field team (I was a tennis girl) but since I started running in March 2012, I’ve become a certified track nerd and this week the USA Outdoors National Championships are happening out in Iowa. The following faves pretty much wrap up my love of the sport and total geekdom over this week’s festivities.

  • The Evolution of a Fangirl – This post on Oiselle’s blog by Sarah OUaL completely summed up my sentiments toward Nationals this week. Basically, Sarah, you described me in this post. I totally get where you’re coming from.
  • USA Outdoors National Championship- Want to watch Nationals? You can! It’ll be on T.V. but if you for some reason won’t be near a T.V. you can watch it live on USATF.org
  • OMG, a Baby!Lauren Fleshman, track star extraordinaire and stuffed jalepeno aficionado, wrote this awesomely hilarious and endearing post for RW this week. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.
  • Speaking of track, Lora of LV Runs NYC, bought racing flats this week but first she tested out a few to find a pair that fit just right. Look at the pretty colors! – Feet Meet Flats
  • Hurdle Walkovers – I did hurdle walkovers at the Lehigh University track on Thursday night for the first time with Megan, and let me tell you, my hip flexors were singing their praises. Definitely give them a try! (video)


{Friday Faves} Runs, Reads, and Raves

I haven’t written a Friday Faves post in quite some time but this week, the Interwebs impressed me enough to bring back the weekly tradition. So, I hope you enjoy this post and the things I found interesting this week.

1. “How you choose to celebrate [life] is up to you.” From this incredibly inspiring video by Arc’Teryx.

2. The Runner’s World iPad issue for our July Boston Marathon special is on sale on iTunes now. The issue is digitally enhanced with audio, video, animation, and more content not found in the print issue. Honestly, it’s really incredible and if you have an iPad, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can buy it in the iTunes store now.

July Cover

3. Confusing What Can “Work” with What Works Best: Revisiting CrossFit Endurance via Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running. I really liked this post and the one before it. It tackles the contentious issue of whether or not CrossFit Endurance is a good strength training regimen for runners. Short answer: according to Jason, it’s not. And I have to agree with him.

4. This was basically the best race recap I’ve ever read solely because of this question: Where’s the poo? – My First Second Marathon, Race Day via Sarah [Mac] from Running Starfish (and Oiselle!)

5. If you’re like me you like coffee, a lot. But there’s a never ending debate going on: Dunkin’ v. Starbucks. The Boston Globe decided this week would be coffee week and they decided to get to the bottom of this great rivalry, of course in GIF form. – People of Dunkin’ and Starbucks via the Boston Globe

6. This past Wednesday was National Running Day and I celebrated the way I celebrate every other day, by running. But I went to intervals and decided to channel my inner Mary Cain because who could forget this moment from last weekend?

Mary Cain Montano

{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

I know I’ve missed this for the past few weeks but I’m going to be honest with you, it wasn’t until this week that I found some things on the interwebs that were Friday Faves worthy. But boy did the World Wide Web come back with a vengeance and serve me up a big healing on Internet awesomeness.

  • First, and most importantly, yesterday social media came through in the clutch to make all of my Pi(e) Day dreams come true. This is a MUST read story (even if it’s a bit of shameless self-promotion… – It’s a Pi(e) Day Miracle via me on Storify.
  • Keeping with the shameless self-promotion theme, I was in Runner’s World video about a breathing technique called “rhythmic breathing” that goes along with our April issue feature on how to breathe while running. – Breathe Right via Runner’s World.
  • After reading a hilarious and awesome review of the new Oiselle sports bras, I decided, I must get my tatas in them asap (I ordered the strappy!) – Have Boobs Will Test Your Sports Bras via Once Upon a (L)ime
  • Greatist re-designed their website this week and now they have these wicked awesome community pages so the greatists of the world can interact! Check them out and join the conversation! – #imagreatist community via Greatist
  • Then there’s this, and it’s awesome:


Also, from this very Irish girl to all of you, Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I’ll be celebrating by running a 10-K in Massachusetts with my closest friends on Saturday, followed by an 18-mile long run with them Sunday, which will no doubt be followed by some celebratory St. Paddy’s Day beers! Cheers!

{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

  • Paying homage to the not-so-new Harlem Shake dance, Tracktown USA (a.k.a. Eugene, OR) made this video, as choreographed and organized by world record holder in the decathlon, Ashton Eaton – Tracktown USA Harlem Shake via YouTube 
  • Great post by Roisen McGettigan, a professional runner and co-founder of Believe I Am training journals, about the fluidity of running and yoga. – Yoga for Runners- The Yin for the Yang via Believe I Am (blog)
  • By far my favorite post of the week, and quite possibly my favorite post in a long time, was a post by my friend Laura Schwecherl, on her blog, Camping Out in America. She writes about our tendency as bloggers, runners, fitness enthusiasts and just normal people, to compare ourselves to one another and seek perfection, which really is unattainable. It’s a great read, so please check it out. – on comparison via Camping Out In America
  • I learned about a new blog this week (via a tweet by Erica Sara) and needless to say I’m obsessed. What really caught me was their tag line: “The Fitness Site for Badass Women. Be Pretty on Rest Days.” – Spikes and Heels
  • I’ve had a bit of an emotional week and while I know a lot of people don’t like Taylor Swift (I like her) this quote really spoke to me and has helped me not get sidetracked by people from my past. I hope it can help some of you too.
(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

This weekend I’ll run 16 miles, my longest distance ever, as part of training for Big Sur. Sixteen WHOLE miles! That is a lot of miles. I’m scared but grinning in anticipation at the challenge.

If it scares you

{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

  • Although my beloved Patriots are not in the Super Bowl, I’ll still be watching and hopefully munching on one of these treats. – 10 Healthy Superbowl Recipes via Greatist
  • Because I just saw Silver Linings Playbook this week and really, what’s not to love about Bradley Cooper? (But why didn’t any snap a pic?!)- Bradley Cooper’s Abs Terrorize SoulCycle Class via NY Magazine’s The Cut
  • I was featured on Stay Happy Stay Healthy’s blog this week as the Monday Motivator! – {Monday Motivator} Fit Girl Happy Girl on Running via Stay Happy Stay Healthy
  • I thought nothing could top my crazy hill run this week but Oiselle’s Mac {Sarah} one-upped me with this crazy track workout. Basically she’s badass. – Monster via Running Starfish
  • This was one of the best posts I’ve read in awhile brought to us by the one and only Michele Gonzalez, speedster extraordinaire –  Be Your Own Runner via NYC Running Mama
  • And my favorite post-long run yoga pose…


{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

Phew, it’s Friday everyone! If you’re living in the Northeast (and really the majority of the U.S. right now) you have survived one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far! This has been my first real bought with winter running and I’m proud to say I kicked winter in it’s piriformis and ran outside anyway. Take that, Mr. Frosty. While running these frigid miles, of course I was thinking about what to add to my Friday Faves. Here they are:

  • On Thursday, a bunch of the Runner’s World ladies and myself took a “Gentle Flow” yoga class after work. I read this post by Sally, from Oiselle, and she echoes our sentiments about yoga for runners – Yoga for Dummy (Runners) via Oiselle Blog
  • Dream race alert! Someday I will complete the Empire State Building Run-Up – Stairway to Hell: Racing Up the Empire State Building via Greatist
  • It’s amazing how training for a marathon can alter your entire lifestlye. I’m vowing to cook much more and that begins with buying a crock-pot this weekend. Here are 77 healthy crock-pot dishes- I will attempt to try (most) of them. – 77 Healthy Crock-Pot Recipes via Greatist
  • Post of the week: I really liked this post from Ali on the Run about taking responsibility – Taking Responsibility via Ali on the Run
  • If you’re a runner in Boston and you haven’t heard of the November Project, you need to get your shiz together. This running group takes winter running seriously, as portrayed in their amazing feet (pun totally intended) of completing their 8-miler Ninja Race – 

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 12.21.24 PM

  • A friend asked me this morning what my plans were for the weekend and my response: Well, I’m training for a marathon so I have a lot of running to do… 14 miler you are MINE tomorrow #marathontrainingSlow them down 

{Friday Faves} Reads, Raves and Runs

I missed the Friday Faves last week because I was in Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend but I thought I’d give an extra awesome-packed five tidbits from this week today!

I will conquer a marathon

{Friday Faves} Reads, Raves and Runs

  • I wrote a post yesterday asking you to help a former colleague of mine and incredible journalist, James Foley, who was kidnapped in Syria while on assignment and has been missing for six months. Please take a few minutes to add your name to the list and join the appeal for his release.
  • I have always been a big proponent of the “everything in moderation” motto, especially when it comes to nutrition. I don’t believe in restriction because I think that’s a one-way ticket to binging later on. To that effect, read this – Resolved: Eat the Damn Cookie via Remy’s World (Runner’s World)
  • As for my favorite run this week, it would have to be my 12-miler on Monday. The run felt amazing and as effortless as a 12-mile training run can feel. I’m so ready for the runDisney Half-Marathon next weekend!
  • This is how I’m going to make 2013 count. How will you #makeitcount?

nike make it count

{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

This has been quite the crazy week for me between traveling back to Massachusetts for the holidays to coming back to Pennsylvania for work the day after Christmas, to a snowstorm, to some iffy but successful treadmill runs- I’ve been all over the place! But, lucky for you, I still managed to find some pretty cool running things on the interweb. So, here they are- my Friday Faves!

  • Last week I found out my blog was nominated for the Best New Running Blog of 2012 for the #RunChat blog awards! Honestly I couldn’t believe it but I felt so humbled and honored to have been nominated. The winners were announced today and although I didn’t win, I was first runner up to a pretty amazing blogger- The Runner Dad. Congrats to him and the rest of the winners in the other categories! You can check them out here- RunChat Blog Award Winners announced via RunChat
  • One of my coworkers, Megan Hetzel, launched her newly designed running blog this week. It’s pretty great so you should definitely check it out –Meg Runner Girl
  • On Wednesday night I took part in a #FitFluential twitter chat co-hosted by the Commitment Day race series. This race series is pretty inspirational and challenges runners and non-runners alike to make a commitment as opposed to a New Year’s resolution on January 1, 2013. Check out the race series and what they’re all about here: Commitment Day
  • Found this great read about how exercise and running will make you smarter (but we already knew that, right runners?)– via New York Times Well blog
  • VIDEO: Girl Power! What if men and women switched roles at the gym? (pretty sure this is already happening)- via Greatist
  • Because I had to drive back to Pennsylvania to work the day after Christmas, my family had to switch around some of our typical holiday traditions. Usually we’ll go to mass on Christmas Eve and then to a family friend’s house for dinner and drinks. This year however, my mom planned a really nice day in Boston and we walked around, took pictures and went to a really nice dinner. I was so happy to be able to spend this time with my family because I have definitely missed them tremendously since moving down the PA. But, it’s precious days like we had on Christmas Eve that really make you appreciate each other’s company. Here’s one picture from our day in Boston.


  • I might have some really big news coming next week, so in honor of that here’s a great quote:

Disney quote

Run happy this weekend y’all!