{Friday Faves} Runs, Reads, and Raves

I haven’t written a Friday Faves post in quite some time but this week, the Interwebs impressed me enough to bring back the weekly tradition. So, I hope you enjoy this post and the things I found interesting this week.

1. “How you choose to celebrate [life] is up to you.” From this incredibly inspiring video by Arc’Teryx.

2. The Runner’s World iPad issue for our July Boston Marathon special is on sale on iTunes now. The issue is digitally enhanced with audio, video, animation, and more content not found in the print issue. Honestly, it’s really incredible and if you have an iPad, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can buy it in the iTunes store now.

July Cover

3. Confusing What Can “Work” with What Works Best: Revisiting CrossFit Endurance via Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running. I really liked this post and the one before it. It tackles the contentious issue of whether or not CrossFit Endurance is a good strength training regimen for runners. Short answer: according to Jason, it’s not. And I have to agree with him.

4. This was basically the best race recap I’ve ever read solely because of this question: Where’s the poo? – My First Second Marathon, Race Day via Sarah [Mac] from Running Starfish (and Oiselle!)

5. If you’re like me you like coffee, a lot. But there’s a never ending debate going on: Dunkin’ v. Starbucks. The Boston Globe decided this week would be coffee week and they decided to get to the bottom of this great rivalry, of course in GIF form. – People of Dunkin’ and Starbucks via the Boston Globe

6. This past Wednesday was National Running Day and I celebrated the way I celebrate every other day, by running. But I went to intervals and decided to channel my inner Mary Cain because who could forget this moment from last weekend?

Mary Cain Montano

4 thoughts on “{Friday Faves} Runs, Reads, and Raves

    • Aww that’s too bad! I know it’s really difficult to get the U.S. version of Runner’s World overseas. BUT, I can promise you won’t be disappointed by the iPad issue, it’s truly incredible.

  1. I read the iPad version as soon as it was available – incredible! It took me twice as long to go through it because I kept getting all teary and needed kleenex breaks.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Too bad there isn’t something like iKleenex to go along with it. I had to take some crying breaks too!

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