Runner’s World Takes on Naming Disney-Themed Gu Flavors

Last weekend, Runner’s World editors traveled to Orlando for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend with the Runner’s World Challenge. Before the trip, editors decided to name Gu flavors based on Disney movies (#disneyGU) and a trend ensued… – By Hannah McGoldrick, associate multimedia editor
  1. So this game is the GU-fee challenge? RT @RWGearGuy Little Mermalade (orange flavored) @caitlingiddings @cowboyhazel @meghgrace #DisneyGu
  2. @meghgrace you’re on a roll! How about Snow White Chocolate and the 7 grains? #DisneyGU #RWGoofTroop

Twitter talk: can’t-live-without, favorite running gear

If you’re a runner you know we love our gear. I’m always stopping by my local running store to see what’s new, reading gear reviews on other running blogs and obsessing over the latest and greatest new product. But we all have our favorites and I wanted to know what are the absolute favorite, can’t-live-without running accessories and gear from my Tweeps! For me, I really don’t think I could live without my Zensah compression sleeves or my foam roller. Without them I’d be running with hair in my eyes and cramps in my legs. Here’s what my Twitter followers had to say!

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Twitter talk: favorite running gear and accessories

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Twitter chat: Morning or night runner?

The more I continue to run and train for distance races the more I am realizing what kind of runner I am and when I run the best. For me it seems my legs are freshest in the morning but everyone is different. So I asked my Twitter runner friends what they prefer. Here are their answers!

  1. Some runners (like myself) feel best running in the morning like these guys.
  2. GirlsGotSole
    @FitHappyGirl Morning runner for sure. I like to get it done first thing.#runchat

    Wed, Sep 05 2012 16:12:11
  3. cwpowell
    @FitHappyGirl def. morning for me. Plus it gets my mind right for the rest of the day.

    Wed, Sep 05 2012 16:28:16
  4. nfdcanman
    @FitHappyGirl ohhh gotcha my bad – morning run any condition – gets the day going!

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 09:59:33
  5. McGeeCoor
    @FitHappyGirl mostly morning. Get it out of the way. feel so much more productIve. Leaves evenings open for other stuff.

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 09:51:50
  6. McGeeCoor
    @FitHappyGirl I’m usually up by 415 out of house by 445/450. about 20-25 min drive depending what I’m doing. So, yes! Die by 930@night. Ha

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 10:32:39
  7. moefaherty
    @FitHappyGirl First thing in the morning! Especially in summer when it’s cooler. Less chance of conflict, plus great start to my day :)

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 10:51:17
  8. merunfast
    @FitHappyGirl A morning runner! I like that the roads are empty & gives me more energy during the day. Downside? Early to bed is not easy!

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 10:56:59
  9. sarahfaith
    @FitHappyGirl morning. I love the cool air and the sun rising.

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 11:04:01
  10. Some runners prefer to run at night.
  11. notquitePre
    @FitHappyGirl Night – just feels calmer, cleaner and more natural to me!

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 09:50:50
  12. megankwagner
    @FitHappyGirl night because mornings are from the devil (disclaimer: watched The Waterboy last night).

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 10:08:51
  13. SkinnySometimes
    @FitHappyGirl I prefer to run in the evenings because I am the most hydrated. I get headaches in the morning.

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 11:28:15
  14. FitGirlPW
    @FitHappyGirl I’m usually an evening girl during the week (not an early riser), and mornings on the weekend #runchat

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 13:18:45
  15. For other runners, it depends on the day and what they’re feeling like.
  16. CeliacRunner
    @FitHappyGirl For me, depends on the season, I love afternoon runs in winter when it’s warm/inviting, morning runs in spring. #runchat

    Wed, Sep 05 2012 16:37:38
  17. nycrunninggirl
    @FitHappyGirl both! I prefer evenings but do mornings when I have something after work

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 09:52:12
  18. angelinasimms
    @FitHappyGirl In NY it was whenever. In TX I have to strategically plan my runs according to the temps. Don’t how the locals do it!#runchat

    Thu, Sep 06 2012 12:21:31

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