7 Lessons I’ve Learned from Training for a Time Goal

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

This winter/spring my focus was to train to run a half marathon PR. The PR didn’t happen (yet) because of a weird fluke but I have another half coming up next weekend. I’ve never really trained hard for a half (besides the first one I ever ran) but my main reason for training with a time goal in mind was to help capitalize on some of the speed I’ve been developing. I figured, if I try to train for a maybe-just-out-of-reach time goal, it will force me to get faster.

Well, I have definitely been getting faster but it hasn’t been easy – and it shouldn’t. I’ve learned a lot so far and I’m sure I’ll continue to learn more but I thought I would share a few of my lessons here.

  1. It’s important to take easy days easy. Doing 2-3 speed workouts a week means you NEED the easy days for recovery, so don’t push the pace- it’s a recipe for injury and exhaustion.
  2. Do the pre-hab. Foam roll. Stretch after running. Hydrate. Compress. Ice (if needed). Doing these seemingly menial tasks will add up in the end.
  3. Don’t ignore the little aches and pains. I’ve had a few minor injuries during this training cycle and instead of being stubborn and “sticking to the plan” I’ve backed off and traded easy days for recovery rides or workouts for an easy run.
  4. Be flexible. This is so, so, so important. I am a type A runner (and person) and like to follow a plan to the T. But you know what? Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes you get those little aches and pains. Sometimes you’re just not feeling it. But that’s OKAY. Be flexible and don’t fret about a missed run here and there.
  5. Strength train. This is something many of us runners forget. It also can be controversial since there’s one camp that believes strength training can hurt your running performance and another camp that thinks strength training can prevent you from getting hurt. I’m in the pro-strength training camp because I think stronger muscles, and varying your exercises, can make you a more dynamic athlete overall. Plus, we all love to have vanity abs, am I right?
  6. Mix it up and run with a group. I’ve been going on group runs with my local running store a lot more during this training cycle than I have in the past and I’ve been loving it. Running with different people helps to keep training interesting and it’s awesome to have the support of others.
  7. BUT, don’t be afraid to run alone. I’ve made the mistake this training cycle of sometimes running with speedier runners on days that were supposed to be easy and I get stuck in that medium-hard pace. Running alone sometimes helps me keep my pace in check.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? Let me know!

{Race Recap} St. Luke’s Half Marathon

On Sunday, while running the St. Luke’s Half Marathon (one of my goal races this spring), I almost had my first DNF.

The week leading up to the half was a bit hectic but I woke up on race morning feeling really good despite being filled with pre-race nerves. My legs felt rested. I wasn’t sleepy or exhausted. I felt ready to go after a sub-1:50 finish at the race.

Prerace photo with Team St. Luke's. (Photo credit: St. Luke's University Health Network FB page)

Prerace photo with Team St. Luke’s. (Photo credit: St. Luke’s University Health Network FB page)

We got to the start in time to take a team picture with Team St. Luke’s (since Adam works at the hospital) and had enough time to see our friends, take care of all the prerace necessities and get into the corrals. I had decided I would run with the pacer to at least the halfway point to try to keep my pace controlled. I found him in the corral and was happy to see one of my coworkers (who went on to absolutely crush his previous PR) in the pace group too.

We were aiming to average 8:24/mile for the race. The first few miles were a little quicker but I was actually shocked at how good I felt. Everyone had been telling me all week that I would crush the 1:50 time goal but as always self-doubt sunk in. However, after we ticked off about 6 miles around 8:17/mile I was surprised to find that my legs still felt fresh.

Around 6.5 miles into the race, the pacer told us, if we were feeling good, now would be the time to pick it up to get closer to 1:45. I decided at this point to not necessarily pick up my pace but to try to keep the pace group behind me. Just stay ahead of them and keep at a comfortably hard pace.

I managed to do this until mile 8 when everything suddenly fell apart. My legs still felt great and my energy was up but all of a sudden I started to experience a sharp pain in my chest and tightness. My heart rate was racing and my breathing was becoming increasingly labored.

This had never happened to me before. I mean, in speed workouts I’ve had some difficulty breathing but I’ve always just assumed that was because I was pushing myself. Never had I experienced the tightness in my chest or sharp pains. I decided at this point to stop and walk a little to try to get my heart rate down. After walking about 10 meters or so I started running again but much slower.

I walked once more during this mile up a hill and saw mile 8 tick off at 9:42/mile. There goes my sub-1:50 I thought. A man wearing an orange shirt ran up behind me and tried to give me words of encouragement, “Come one, you’ve got this,” he said. So I tried to pick up the pace again and work the downhills to see if I could at least get close to my goal. Just after passing the man who was trying to cheer me on my heart rate jacked up again. I started to walk and a volunteer asked me if I was ok. I really, really wanted to quit at this point. I was fighting back tears when orange-shirt-man passed me again and I decided to take some water and just try to finish.

I don’t remember how many more times I walked the rest of the race but it was a lot. There are a lot of hills in the last miles of this course and I wasn’t prepared for them. I came up the final hill right before entering the high school stadium where you run about 200 meters around the track before finishing and I saw Adam there cheering me on but I’m pretty sure my face said it all.

Usually in races I can give a good final surge into the finish but I just didn’t have it in me on Sunday. I came through the finish in 1:53:32, met Adam, and just wanted to sit down and cry in the bleachers. I felt so defeated and pissed off that something so out of my control had ruined my race.

It wasn’t until later on that I really was able to put it into perspective. My dad has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, “a disease in which the heart muscle (myocardium) becomes abnormally thick (hypertrophied). The thickened heart muscle can make it harder for the heart to pump blood,” according to the Mayo Clinic. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is also the leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes – it’s no joke. When I told my parents what happened they were pretty concerned. I haven’t gone to see a doctor yet but hopefully I don’t have my dad’s condition and it was just a fluke thing that happened.

Either way it was a scary experience and it made me realize that no matter how hard you train, sometimes the outcome is completely out of your control. I think I did the right thing on Sunday by reining it in but in all honesty it probably would have been smarter to take the DNF and get checked out at the medical tent immediately.

Besides my awful race, it was a great day overall. Adam ran the half (just six days after PRing in Boston!) and set a new half marathon PR. We also saw three of our friends run their first ever half marathon, which was really exciting. Other friends and coworkers set some really awesome PRs as well and I’m so happy for them! I’ll take another stab at running a sub-1:50 in three weeks at the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Hopefully it’ll go better!

Celebrating with friends postrace.

Celebrating with friends postrace.

St. Luke’s Half Training: Weeks Nine and Ten

Celebrating post-marathon at Fenway!

Celebrating post-marathon at Fenway!

I’ve been majorly slacking on posting my workouts the past two weeks because I’ve been traveling for work. We all went up to Boston this past weekend to cover the marathon and it was an incredible day. The day was made even more incredible by my boyfriend who ran a 2:56:02 (p.s. this was his first Boston and just his third marathon)! I am so incredibly proud! Anyway, it’s now race week for me and although my goals have changed a bit I’m really hoping to run sub-1:50 at the half marathon this weekend. I had two really good workouts in the last two weeks so I’m hoping I can ride that post-workout confidence into race day.

Monday, April 14 – 45:00 of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Tuesday, April 15 – 5 miles with 3 miles at HMP

I felt really, really good on this run tonight. The weather was kinda crazy today so I opted to run on the treadmill instead of outside. I felt like I could run forever at my goal HMP which is a really good feeling and hopefully means I’ll do well at the half in two weeks!

Plan: 5 miles with 3 miles at goal half marathon pace (8:13/mile)
Actual: 5 miles with 3 miles at 8:06-8:13/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3

Wednesday, April 16 – 6 mile, easy

It was so much colder outside today than it has been but it doesn’t look like the cold is going to stick around for too long. I just had to do an easy 6 today. Felt pretty good.

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:06/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 53:17 at 8:52/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 43 degrees, sunny, gusty wind

Thursday, April 17 – REST

Unexpected rest day due to traveling up to Boston.

Friday, April 18 – Hill Workout with November Project in the a.m. + Shakeout run in the p.m.

Did the Summit Hill Ave hill workout (and stairs) with the November Project… so awesome! Then in the evening I went to the RW Heartbreak Hill Half shakeout run.

Total: 4.5 miles

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 4

Saturday, April 19 – B.A.A. 5K (5 miles total for the day)

Not a PR due to really packed crowds (hello, 10,000 runners!) but had a ton of run!

Time: 25:37

(Plus 1-mile warmup and 1-mile cool down walk)

Sunday, April 20 – 10 miles, LSD

I got to run around my hometown which is always fun!

Actual: 9.58 miles in 1:27:00 at 9:04/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 4

Week 10

Monday, April 21 – Boston Marathon Monday!

I didn’t run because I was working and obsessively checking the runner tracking to follow my boyfriend!

Tuesday, April 22 – REST

Another unexpected rest day due to travel/life. But Adam and I did take about a 1-mile walk around my neighborhood before heading back to PA.

Wednesday, April 23 – 4 miles, easy

It was CRAZY windy out today, which seems to be a pattern lately, so I was glad to have just 4 easy miles.

Plan: 4 miles, easy (9:18/mile)

Actual: 4 miles in 33:51 at 8:27/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 4

Thursday, April 24 – 5 miles with 4×800 

It was a nice day out today but the wind was terrible. This is my last workout before the St. Luke’s Half Marathon on Sunday and my 800 times left me feeling pretty confident.

Plan: 5 miles with 4×800 at 3:36
1-mile warm up at 7:56/mile (What?? Yes, that’s right.)
4×800 with 400 recovery jog
(1) 3:26.6 – 7:02/pace
(2) 3:28.2 – 7:05/pace
(3) 3:27.5 – 6:55/pace
(4) 3:18.7 – 6:46/pace
1-mile cool down at 8:28/mile

Shoes: Saucony Fastwitch 6
Conditions: 52 degrees, sunny, 15mph winds with gusts of 35mph

Friday, April 25 – 4 miles, easy

Last training run before the St. Luke’s Half on Sunday! I ran it a little too fast but it was really gorgeous out. Feeling good for Sunday, now it’s time to rest.

Plan: 4 miles easy
Actual: 4.12 miles in 33:51 (8:12/mile)

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 4
Conditions: 60 degrees, sunny

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St. Luke’s Half Training: Week Eight + 2014 Chicago Marathon

ChicagoScreen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.08.14 PMTraining last week went really well. I ran my tempo faster than planned and it felt incredible. Also, on Monday I found out I was accepted into the 2014 Chicago Marathon through the lottery! I’m really excited to start training for another marathon. I think the break from marathon training was just what I needed to spark that 26.2-mile fire again. Training starts June 23rd!

Monday, April 7 – 45:00 of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Tuesday, April 8 – 6 miles, easy

Well it was quite a windy one out there today! I felt pretty good but the wind was rough. At one point I nearly lost my hat and fell over. I ran solo today during the lunch run which was really what I needed.

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:12/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 51:12 at 8:32/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 59 degrees, overcast and windy

Wednesday, April 9 – 6 mile, easy

I took it a little easier today and ran on the trails by work. It was really nice to mix up my terrain and I hadn’t been on the trails in a long time.

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:12/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 52:00 at 8:45/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 58, sunny and windy

Thursday, April 10 – 6 miles with 3 miles at tempo

So I’m not the best at pacing temp runs. I was a little all over the place with this one but it felt AMAZING to run fast (much faster than tempo, too!).

Plan: 6 miles with 3 miles at tempo (7:45/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 46:50 (7:48/mile avg)
1-mile warmup: 8:40
Tempo: (1) 7:16 (2) 7:33 (3) 7:32
1-mile cool down: 8:20

Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 4
Conditions: BEAUTIFUL

Friday, April 11 – 40:00 strength training

Arms- 3×10 
Rotating overhead press with 10lb dumbbells 
Rows with 15lb dumbbells 
Tricep pulls with 15lb dumbbells 
21’s with 8lb dumbbells 
Kettlebell swings 
Kettlebell squats 
Clam shells 
Abs- 2x 
0:45 plank 
0:30 side plank 
0:45 supine plank 
0:45 bicycles 
10 Russian twists with kettlebell

Saturday, April 12 – 6 miles, easy

I ran twice today because I had a 5K fun run at night. My morning run was much speedier than “easy” but it felt easy so who cares, right?!

Sunday, April 13 – 12 miles, LSD

I ran earlier in the morning than I had planned but I’m so happy I did because it got pretty toasty during the day. The run went really well, it was actually the best I’ve felt in a long time.

Actual: 12.2 miles in 1:48:00 at 8:51/mile

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 65 degrees, humid and sunny

Weekly Mileage Total: 36 miles

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St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

great_thingsAnother solid week of training in the books! Overall, I felt pretty good this week. The mystery calf/achilles pain I had been having subsided by Thursday and I haven’t had it since (knock on wood!). Also, I ran some really fast 800m repeats which is always a good confidence booster!

Monday, March 31 – 40:00 of IronStrength

3×15 plyometric squats with 3×10 plank twists
3×10 weighted rows from plank, Russian twists with kettlebells, and pushups
3×10 plyometric lunges with 5x front, side, back hamstring reach
3×10 mountain climbers and 3×10 legs down
3×5 high pulls, bicep curls, and overhead press
3x 0:45 planks- front, both sides
Ring of Fire squats/lunges (10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1)

Tuesday, April 1 – 5 miles, easy

It was absolutely gorgeous out today on my lunch run! It was also a really great run with some awesome coworkers. We kept it at what felt like an easy pace but I think we were all just so happy it was nice out that we picked it up a bit.

Plan: 5 miles, easy
Actual: 5.25 miles in 45(ish) minutes (no watch!)

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 57 degrees (real feel of 70!) and sunny

Wednesday, April 2 – 6 mile recovery ride

It felt good out there today- a little bit colder than yesterday and drizzly. I had a minor mishap about 2.8 miles in when my calf cramped up on a hill. I stopped and stretched it out and it felt a little better then. I also didn’t really time this run with GPS but made note of how long I was out there.

Plan: 6 miles, easy

Actual: 6.02 miles in 52:00 (8:32/mile)

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 44 degrees, overcast, light rain

Thursday, April 3 – 8 miles with 6x800m repeats

Another surprising workout happened today. I ran 6x800m repeats and felt really good. They were all between 3:30-3:40 which is what I was aiming for. I find it’s better to give yourself a range to hit instead of a very specific time.

Run 1: 6.25 miles (Ran 5 miles in 39 minutes!)
1-mile warmup (8:50/mile)
3 miles of 6×800 (with 400m recovery jog in between)- 7:25, 7:12, 7:10
1-mile cool down (8:40/mile)

Run 2: 1.75 miles (to round out the 8 miles for the day)

Shoes: Fastwitch

Friday, April 4 – Yoga

Saturday, April 5 – 5 miles, easy

I really, really didn’t want to go on this run. The windy was super gusty and strong and my couch was so much more comfortable but I’m so glad I did. I was supposed to run 5 miles easy but I actually felt pretty good and it turned into a progression run.

Plan: 5 miles, easy (9:12/mile)
Actual: 5 miles at 8:26/mile avg
Splits: 8:56, 8:33, 8:32, 8:23, 7:49

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 50 degrees with sun and wind

Sunday, April 6 – 13 miles, LSD

My run went pretty well today. It was warmer than I expected but the warmth felt amazing. I decided to run on one of the rail trails we have since it’s been covered all winter and it felt really good to run on some flat, soft ground. There were also TONS of people out walking, running, and biking. I got pretty dehydrated though in the final miles of the run and had very little energy left at the end.

Plan: 13 miles, easy
Actual: 13 miles in 1:58:00 at 9:04/mile

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 60 degrees and sunny

Weekly Mileage Total: 38 miles

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St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Week Six

rainy_runWell, spring definitely arrived last week and brought the rain with it! I had some speedy runs (and some really soggy runs) last week. Overall it was a really solid training week but I’m getting a little concerned about what I think is a bit of tendonitis in my achilles/calf. I’m continuing to ice/compress/stretch in hopes it gets better!

Monday, March 24 – Rest

I decided to take Monday off completely (no XT or anything) to rest after the 5K I ran the day before… also, I had errands to run.

Tuesday, March 25 – 7 miles with 3 miles at HMP

I really surprised myself on this run, like REALLY surprised myself. I haven’t been feeling too great on a lot of my runs lately, mostly because of the weather and my runny nose. But for some reason I felt great on this run! The plan was to run 7 miles with 3 miles at half marathon pace. I’ve gone back and forth about what my HMP should be and adjusted my goal to run a sub-1:50 half in April instead of sub-1:45 but after this run I may have to reconsider again!

Plan: 7 miles with 3 miles at HMP (8:23/mile for sub-1:50 half)
Actual: 7 miles with 3 miles at 7:30/mile (what?!)
2-mile warmup- 9:09/mile, 8:35/mile
3-miles at HMP- 7:35, 7:28, 7:24
2-mile cool down- 8:57, 8:40

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 34 degrees, overcast, light snow
Fuel: Nuun energy 30 minutes before the run

Wednesday, March 26 – 6 mile recovery ride

My left calf muscle was feeling very tight after my Tuesday workout so I decided to switch out a 6-mile recovery run for a 6-mile easy spin- same thing, right? Not really but oh well.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 6-mile spin, easy

Ab Workout- 20:00

2 x 0:45 plank
2 x 0:30 side plank, both sides
2 x 0:45 supine plank
2 x 0:45 bicycles
2 x 10 leg raises

Thursday, March 27 – 8 miles with 4×1-mile repeats

I majorly shocked myself on this run. The last time I did mile repeats it didn’t go so well. I felt like death and was on the verge of throwing up almost the entire time. Not today. Today I channeled my inner Shalane Flanagan and busted out some solid repeats (Ok, she would have run them MUCH faster).

Plan: 6 miles with 4×1-mile at 7:17/mile
Actual: 6 miles in 46:18
1-mile warmup: 9:04
4×1-mile repeats (with 800m recovery in between): 7:26, 7:01, 7:04, 7:14
1-mile cool down: 8:24

Shoes: Saucony Fastwitch 6
Conditions: 34 degrees, slight wind, overcast

I had to run 8 miles today so I split it up and finished my mileage after work on the dreadmill with some solid postrun foam rolling.

Plan: 2 miles, easy

Friday, March 28 – Strength Training – 45 minutes

Arms- 3×10
Rotating overhead press with 10lb dumbbells
Rows with 15lb dumbbells
Tricep pulls with 15lb dumbbells
21’s with 8lb dumbbells

Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell squats
Clam shells

Abs- 2x
0:45 plank
0:30 side plank
0:45 supine plank
0:45 bicycles
10 Russian twists with kettlebell

Saturday, March 29 – 6 miles, easy

Just ran an easy shakeout run before my long run tomorrow. I was trying to beat the rain and it was drizzling a little but not too bad.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 6 miles in 52:24 at 8:44/mile
(1) 8:55 (2) 8:44 (3) 8:48 (4) 9:06 (5) 8:52 (6) 7:58

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 48 degrees, rainy and wind

Sunday, March 30 – 11 miles, LSD

I was not super motivated to get out the door for this long run because of the weather. For most of my run the rain wasn’t too bad but during the last two miles the skies opened up and it absolutely downpoured. My shoes were so soaked through it felt like I was running through water. I ended up cutting it short because the torrential downpours and wind were just too much, and honestly if I kept going, the small blister that was forming on my foot would have been much, much worse.

Plan: 13 miles, easy
Actual: 11.25 miles in 1:40 (8:53/mile)

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: Rain to heavy rain, wind

Weekly Mileage Total: 38 miles

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St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Weeks Four and Five

The last two weeks have been extremely busy in my little world. During week four of training I went on a four-day trip to Charleston, South Carolina with my mom and my sister. It was the perfect getaway and exactly what I needed to just relax and see them for a few days. Also, if you’ve never been to Charleston, you MUST visit. It is a gorgeously quaint city, full of history and fantastic shopping. We stayed at the French Quarter Inn and I would stay there again in a heartbeat!

Our last night in Charleston at Husk Restaurant.

Our last night in Charleston at Husk Restaurant.

Needless to say, my little trip derailed my training for a few days. I only missed two runs and thankfully it was a cutback week in mileage anyway so I don’t think I lost any fitness. I would have loved to run in Charleston but I just didn’t have the time and since we were only there for four days, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my mom and sister.

Georgia and myself at a super cool wine store.

Georgia and myself at a super cool wine store.

When I got back, I got back into training mode but something just kept feeling “off.” I wasn’t feeling great on any of my runs really and my stomach was not cooperating. I need to reassess and maybe change my goals for my upcoming half marathons to be a little more realistic.

However, I did get a little boost of confidence after running the West End St. Patrick’s Day 5K yesterday in Allentown, PA, by setting an 11-second PR (24:48) without even trying. I went into the race wanting to just run it for fun. My only goal was the keep my pace below my half marathon pace, which I did, easily. It was a fun little race that Adam and I ran together. I was super proud of him too for setting a 1:30-minute PR and coming in first place for his age group and fifth overall!

Me and Adam before the 5K!

Me and Adam before the 5K!

Anyway, that’s been my life lately and here’s my training from the last few weeks:

Week Four

Monday, March 10 – Yoga

I wasn’t feeling sore today but just tired. Typically I do IronStrength on Mondays but today my body was telling me to go to yoga instead. It felt great.

Tuesday, March 11 – 7 miles, easy

I had to break up my run today for a few reasons. I was scheduled to run 7 miles (a bit too much for a lunch run) and I wanted to run with the running store after work, but they usually only do 5 miles. Also, it was insanely beautiful outside so I wanted to get out during the day. A bunch of my co-workers at Runner’s World have been working on the Run Emmaus project, in which they run every single street in Emmaus, PA- the town of our HQ. Today they were doing the final mile of the run so I decided to join in. I got my two miles done, got to take part in the project, and will be able to run after work too!

Plan: 2 miles, easy
Actual: 2 miles in 16:58 at 8:29/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 57 degrees, sunny

I ran after work with the Run Inn (our local running store). It was so nice to run in the evening when it’s light out. The pace was a little faster than “easy” for me but it felt ok.

Plan: 5 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 5 miles in 43:22 at 8:31/mile
(1) 8:12 (2) 8:32 (3) 8:44 (4) 8:36 (5) 8:37

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 59 degrees, sunny

Wednesday, March 12 – 3.7 miles, easy

I felt really terrible on this run. My stomach was not happy, my nose was incredibly runny, just bad.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 3.7 miles 

Thursday, March 13 – 60 minutes, Vinyasa Yoga; 7 miles with 4 miles at HMP

I had to break this up into two runs unfortunately (I know not ideal but oh well) because it’s tough for me to do 7 miles at lunch. I did 5 miles with 4 miles at HMP during lunch and finished with 2 miles after work. I did all of the running on the treadmill because it was unbearably cold and windy outside.

Plan: 7 miles with 4 miles at HMP
Actual: (two runs) 5 miles with 4 miles @ 8:23/mile; 2 miles at 8:49/mile

Friday, March 14 – 6 miles, easy

I went out for an easy lunch run today with two coworkers. It was nice to just chat and keep the pace relatively easy, although we ended up going a bit faster than I had originally planned. I felt good though!

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 52:08 at 8:41/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage
Conditions: 30 degrees, overcast but sunny at the end

Saturday, March 15 – Travel to South Carolina [REST]

Sunday, March 16 –

I was supposed to run 6.2 miles according to my training plan but I was on vacation with my mom and sister (who I NEVER get to see) so I skipped! YOLO.


Week 5

Monday, March 17 – Still vacationing…

Tuesday, March 18 – Yoga

I flew back from South Carolina on Tuesday and got home later than expected. I was completely drained from the traveling and didn’t want to head out for a late 6-mile run. Instead I opted to do the Runner’s World Power Yoga session and I felt really great after.

Wednesday, March 19 – 5 miles, easy

I didn’t take a watch with me on my lunch run which was good because on easy runs, I really need to learn to disregard my pace and run by feel. I felt pretty good on this run but my legs were noticeably fatigued from all the walking I did with my mom and sister when we went to South Carolina for four days.

Plan: 5 miles, easy
Actual: 5.37 miles

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: Overcast, drizzly, 36 degrees.

Thursday, March 20 – 6.2 miles, easy

Did a double- 3 miles at lunch, 3.2 miles after work at the Run Inn

Friday, March 21 – 6.3 miles recovery spin + Strength

Saturday, March 22 – 7 miles, LSD

I felt ok on my “long” run this week but the wind during the run was unbearable. Definitely my least favorite weather condition.

Plan: 7 miles, easy (9:12/mile)

Actual: 7 miles in 1:03:00 at 9:00/mile

Sunday, March 23 – 1 mile warmup, West End St.. Patricks Day 5K

I was not trying to race this 5K by any means. My goal was to run under my HMP (8:23/mile) but I felt pretty good. I actually ended up setting an 11-second PR. Nothing crazy but I’ll take it!


Weekly Mileage Total: 29 miles

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St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Week Three

Hilly Long Run on Sunday

Hilly Long Run on Sunday

Monday, March 3 – IronStrength

– 3×15 jump squats and 3×10 rotary planks (on each arm)
– 3 sets rows from plank (x10), pushups (x10), situps with weights (x10)
– 3 sets plyometric lunges (x10), alternating sides of hamstring reach (x5 front, side, and rear) in between
– 3 sets mountain climbers (x10), legs down (x10)
– 4 sets of deadlift high pulls (x5), biceps curls on single leg (x5), overhead press on other leg (x5)
– planks (60 secs; side, down, side) x2
– Ring of Fire squats/lunges (10, 8, 6, 4, 2)

Tuesday, March 4 – 6 miles, easy

I went for an easy run during lunch thinking it might be a little warmer running midday but it was still a brisk 18 degrees out. I think I might still be battling a little cold because my run was mostly a mucus-filled mess. Oh well!

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 52:40 at 8:46/mile
(1) 8:59 (2) 8:33 (3) 8:47 (4) 8:53 (5) 8:41 (6) 8:46

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 18 degrees, kinda (barely) sunny

Wednesday, March 5 – 6 miles, easy

I had to split my run up today because when I went out during lunch I wasn’t feel too great. I had to do 6 miles easy so I ended up doing 4 miles at lunch and 2 miles after work on the treadmill.

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
-Run 1: 4.1 miles at 8:41/mile – (1) 8:33 (2) 8:45 (3) 8:44 (4) 8:44
-Run 2: 2 miles on the treadmill – (1) 9:13 (2) 8:41

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 32 degrees, overcast (lunch run)

Thursday, March 6 – 60 minutes, Vinyasa Yoga

I had a long day at work and opted out of my post-work 800 repeats and opted in for an hour long yoga class with Adam. It was totally the right decision.

Friday, March 7 – 6 miles with 6×800

This was a pretty tough workout but it felt really good to stride it out for some repeats. I did it on the treadmill which wasn’t the best since the gym was really warm but it helped me maintain the paces. Instead of shooting for a specific time I decided to give myself a range between 7:35-7:47/mile which I was able to maintain.

Plan: 6 miles with 6×800 repeats with 400 recovery in between
Actual: 6 miles with 6×800 (paces between 7:35-7:47/mile) and 400 recovery

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: Indoors, treadmill

Saturday, March 8 – 5 miles, easy

Today I ran with the local running store’s group run. It was really nice out which felt great but my legs were noticeably tired from yesterdays repeats.

Plan: 5 miles, easy (9:18/mile)

Actual: 5 miles in 43:00 at 8:48/mile

Sunday, March 9 – 11 miles, LSD

I’m not sure what my paces were for the last part of this hilly long run but they were probably on the slower side. I always forget how hilly this route is but I guess it doesn’t hurt to challenge myself a little more. I felt pretty good, although I still had difficulty breathing through my nose due to a cold/runny nose. The sun felt incredible!

Plan: 11 miles, long slow distance (9:18/mile)
Actual: 11 miles, no idea what my pace was but I think the total time was around 1:42 so I almost hit my long run pace dead on!

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 37 degrees, sunny, but felt like I was running into a headwind almost the entire time.

Weekly Mileage Total: 34 miles

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St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Week Two

(source: Pinterest)

(source: Pinterest)

Last week was a really solid one for training and I am very happy to report I ran all FIVE days on my schedule and every run was pretty much 100 percent pain-free. I think my foot is finally really healing up. It’s definitely been a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things training-wise. I need to remember to fuel up properly (i.e. eat enough) and to get enough sleep. I also need to get used to doing more speed workouts. I had two workouts during week two of training and I don’t think (at least from what I can recall) I’ve ever done that before. It’s tough!

Monday, February 24 – IronStrength

– 3×15 jump squats and 3×10 rotary planks (on each arm)
– 3 sets rows from plank (x10), pushups (x10), situps with weights (x10)
– 3 sets plyometric lunges (x10), alternating sides of hamstring reach (x5 front, side, and rear) in between
– 3 sets mountain climbers (x10), legs down (x10)
– 4 sets of deadlift high pulls (x5), biceps curls on single leg (x5), overhead press on other leg (x5)
– planks (60 secs; side, down, side) x2
– Ring of Fire squats/lunges (10, 8, 6, 4, 2)

Tuesday, February 25 – 5.2 miles, easy

I ran with the group run out of my local running store tonight. My plan originally called for 6 miles with 4 miles at HMP (8:00/mile) but I was feeling really tired and run down all day today so I decided to switch it with my easy run day that was supposed to be Wednesday. It was also really cold out and my breathing was all messed up because I felt like I was sucking in frozen air the whole time. Not the best run.

Plan: 6 miles with 4 miles at HMP
Actual: Swapped with Wednesday’s 5 miles, easy

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 26 degrees, real feel 20, wind

Wednesday, February 26 – 6 miles with 4 miles at HMP (8:00/mile)

This was my second real workout of my sub-1:45 program and to be quite honest it was a little tough. The plan called for 6 miles with 4 miles at half marathon pace and I think it mostly felt tough because I ran on the treadmill. It was pretty stuffy at my gym and I just felt like I was struggling. But I got the workout done and I guess that’s what matters.

Plan: 6 miles with 4 miles at HMP (8:00/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 50 minute (8:20/mile)
1-mile warmup at 9:00/mile
HMP: (1) 8:13/mile (2) 8:06/mile (3) 8:00/mile (4) 7:57/mile
1-mile cooldown at 9:00/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: Treadmill, warm inside

Thursday, February 27 – 7 miles with 3×1-mile at 7:21/mile

This was my first ever attempt at running mile repeats and let me tell you, they are NOT easy. My coworker Megan helped to pace me for them which really helped. I knew my goal split of 7:21/mile was a little aggressive for me right now so in my head I was really shooting for anything under 8:00/mile which is my goal race pace.

Plan: 7 miles with 3×1-mile repeats and 800-m recovery in between
1-mile warmup at 8:50/mile
(1) 7:16/mile – went out way too hard on this first one
(2) 7:50/mile
(3) 7:50/mile
800-m recovery jog in between each repeat
1.5-mile cool down

I noticed my pace really fluctuated during each mile. I would settle in to the appropriate pace at the beginning and during the second quarter start to slow, really slow the third quarter, and then sprint for the last 400m. I’ll have to really focus on maintaining an even pace the next time I try, even if it means going a bit slower.

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 27 degrees, feels like 18 degrees, wind gusts up to 35mph

Friday, February 28 – REST

Saturday, March 1 – 5 miles, easy

My plan called for an easy 5-mile shakeout before tomorrow’s long run. I felt pretty good but it was dreadfully cold. It’s March, where’s Spring?

Plan: 5 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 5 miles in 44:00 at 8:48/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 13 degrees with wind

Sunday, March 2 – 10 miles, LSD

I was really not looking forward to this run when I got up because it was so overcast and gloomy outside. I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped out my front door and realized it really wasn’t that cold out. I felt pretty good during this run but I’ve been battling a pesky cold lately so I could have felt better. My paces were all over the place though because I took a pretty hilly route for a little extra challenge, but felt good enough to go for a fast finish at the end.

Plan: 10 miles, LSD at 9:18/mile
Actual: 10 miles in 1:31:21 at 9:08/mile
(1) 9:34 (2) 9:08 (3) 9:04 (4) 9:10 (5) 9:27 (6) 9:10 (7) 8:56 (8) 9:36 (9) 8:53 (10) 8:24

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 32 degrees, overcast

Weekly Mileage Total: 33 miles

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St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Week One

Mirage3I don’t usually say this, but I felt blessed this week. Blessed to have begun training for my goal of running a sub-1:45 half marathon. Blessed to feel like my foot is finally starting to heel. Blessed to have had some extremely beautiful weather this past weekend after the horrible winter we’ve been having. And most importantly, blessed to have a boyfriend who’s willing to go to yoga class with me (I swear, it was his idea!). Seriously though, week one went better than I could have expected. My foot is heeling up (knock on wood) and I was able to get in at least one of my workouts. This week I hope to run all five running days and be able to finish my workouts without any foot pain.

Monday, February 17 – IronStrength for 40 minutes

– 3×15 jump squats and 3×10 rotary planks (on each arm)
– 3 sets rows from plank (x10), pushups (x10), situps with weights (x10)
– 3 sets plyometric lunges (x10), alternating sides of hamstring reach (x5 front, side, and rear) in between
– 3 sets mountain climbers (x10), legs down (x10)
– 4 sets of deadlift high pulls (x5), biceps curls on single leg (x5), overhead press on other leg (x5)
– planks (60 secs; side, down, side) x2
– Ring of Fire squats/lunges (10, 8, 6, 4, 2)

Tuesday, February 18- 5.2 miles with 3 miles up-tempo

This was my first official run of training for the St. Luke’s Half Marathon in April. I’m trying to break 1:45 so my race pace will be roughly 8:00/mile. Since I’ve been having some foot issues, I decided to (mostly) forgo my first workout of training which was a HMP run. Instead I opted for 5 miles with 3 up-tempo miles, so not race pace, not tempo, just a little quicker than easy. Foot felt pretty good for most of the run.

Plan: 5 miles with 3 miles at half marathon pace (8:00/mile)
Actual: 5 miles with 3 miles up-tempo (8:32/mile)
– 1-mile warmup @ 9:13/mile
– 3 miles @ 8:32/mile
– 1 mile cool down @ 9:13/mile

Conditions: Indoors on the treadmill at the Energy Center; warm
Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3 (second run in them)

Wednesday, February 19- 10-mile easy spin

Today my training plan had me on tap to run 5 miles, easy, but since my foot is still not 100 percent, I figured I’d opt out of the run and do some riding instead. Foot felt great and I got my heart rate up, which is really the point of easy mileage (and recovery!).

Plan: 5 miles, easy
Actual: 10-mile easy spin

Conditions: Indoors at the EC

Thursday, February 20- Yoga, 60 minutes

Went to my first yoga class at my new gym with my boyfriend (it was his first class ever!). The class was really gentle but it felt good to dedicate some time to stretching out.

Friday, February 21- 5 miles with 3 miles at HMP (8:00/mile)

This was my first workout of the half training and it felt pretty good but still hard (which it should). I ran it on the treadmill because I wanted to make sure I maintained the right pace for the HMP miles.

Plan: 5 miles with 3 miles at half marathon pace (8:00/mile)
Actual: 5.08 miles in 43:40 with 3 miles at 8:00/mile
– Warm-up for 1-mile at 9:13/mile
– 3 miles at 8:00/mile
– Cool down at 9:00/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: indoors, hot

Saturday, February 22- 5 miles, easy

Went on an easy run with the local running store. Foot was feeling a little achy this morning but I was able to get the run done.

Plan: 5 miles, easy
Actual: 5.3 miles (Garmin didn’t acquire in time but was running around 8:30s)

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: BEAUTIFUL! Sunny, mid-30s but felt even warmer

Sunday, February 23- 8 miles, long slow distance

First long run of this training cycle, and my first long run in a very long time (like a month), went really well! At first I didn’t feel so good and my foot was bothering me a bit but once I got into my groove I felt great.

Plan: 8 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 8.01 miles in 1:10:45 (8:52/mile)
Splits: (1) 9:27 (2) 8:59 (3) 8:56 (4) 8:52 (5) 9:00 (6) 8:50 (7) 8:42 (8) 8:22

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: around 35 degrees with some wind

Week one mileage total: 34 miles

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