St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Week Six

rainy_runWell, spring definitely arrived last week and brought the rain with it! I had some speedy runs (and some really soggy runs) last week. Overall it was a really solid training week but I’m getting a little concerned about what I think is a bit of tendonitis in my achilles/calf. I’m continuing to ice/compress/stretch in hopes it gets better!

Monday, March 24 – Rest

I decided to take Monday off completely (no XT or anything) to rest after the 5K I ran the day before… also, I had errands to run.

Tuesday, March 25 – 7 miles with 3 miles at HMP

I really surprised myself on this run, like REALLY surprised myself. I haven’t been feeling too great on a lot of my runs lately, mostly because of the weather and my runny nose. But for some reason I felt great on this run! The plan was to run 7 miles with 3 miles at half marathon pace. I’ve gone back and forth about what my HMP should be and adjusted my goal to run a sub-1:50 half in April instead of sub-1:45 but after this run I may have to reconsider again!

Plan: 7 miles with 3 miles at HMP (8:23/mile for sub-1:50 half)
Actual: 7 miles with 3 miles at 7:30/mile (what?!)
2-mile warmup- 9:09/mile, 8:35/mile
3-miles at HMP- 7:35, 7:28, 7:24
2-mile cool down- 8:57, 8:40

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 34 degrees, overcast, light snow
Fuel: Nuun energy 30 minutes before the run

Wednesday, March 26 – 6 mile recovery ride

My left calf muscle was feeling very tight after my Tuesday workout so I decided to switch out a 6-mile recovery run for a 6-mile easy spin- same thing, right? Not really but oh well.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 6-mile spin, easy

Ab Workout- 20:00

2 x 0:45 plank
2 x 0:30 side plank, both sides
2 x 0:45 supine plank
2 x 0:45 bicycles
2 x 10 leg raises

Thursday, March 27 – 8 miles with 4×1-mile repeats

I majorly shocked myself on this run. The last time I did mile repeats it didn’t go so well. I felt like death and was on the verge of throwing up almost the entire time. Not today. Today I channeled my inner Shalane Flanagan and busted out some solid repeats (Ok, she would have run them MUCH faster).

Plan: 6 miles with 4×1-mile at 7:17/mile
Actual: 6 miles in 46:18
1-mile warmup: 9:04
4×1-mile repeats (with 800m recovery in between): 7:26, 7:01, 7:04, 7:14
1-mile cool down: 8:24

Shoes: Saucony Fastwitch 6
Conditions: 34 degrees, slight wind, overcast

I had to run 8 miles today so I split it up and finished my mileage after work on the dreadmill with some solid postrun foam rolling.

Plan: 2 miles, easy

Friday, March 28 – Strength Training – 45 minutes

Arms- 3×10
Rotating overhead press with 10lb dumbbells
Rows with 15lb dumbbells
Tricep pulls with 15lb dumbbells
21’s with 8lb dumbbells

Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell squats
Clam shells

Abs- 2x
0:45 plank
0:30 side plank
0:45 supine plank
0:45 bicycles
10 Russian twists with kettlebell

Saturday, March 29 – 6 miles, easy

Just ran an easy shakeout run before my long run tomorrow. I was trying to beat the rain and it was drizzling a little but not too bad.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 6 miles in 52:24 at 8:44/mile
(1) 8:55 (2) 8:44 (3) 8:48 (4) 9:06 (5) 8:52 (6) 7:58

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: 48 degrees, rainy and wind

Sunday, March 30 – 11 miles, LSD

I was not super motivated to get out the door for this long run because of the weather. For most of my run the rain wasn’t too bad but during the last two miles the skies opened up and it absolutely downpoured. My shoes were so soaked through it felt like I was running through water. I ended up cutting it short because the torrential downpours and wind were just too much, and honestly if I kept going, the small blister that was forming on my foot would have been much, much worse.

Plan: 13 miles, easy
Actual: 11.25 miles in 1:40 (8:53/mile)

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: Rain to heavy rain, wind

Weekly Mileage Total: 38 miles

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