St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Weeks Four and Five

The last two weeks have been extremely busy in my little world. During week four of training I went on a four-day trip to Charleston, South Carolina with my mom and my sister. It was the perfect getaway and exactly what I needed to just relax and see them for a few days. Also, if you’ve never been to Charleston, you MUST visit. It is a gorgeously quaint city, full of history and fantastic shopping. We stayed at the French Quarter Inn and I would stay there again in a heartbeat!

Our last night in Charleston at Husk Restaurant.

Our last night in Charleston at Husk Restaurant.

Needless to say, my little trip derailed my training for a few days. I only missed two runs and thankfully it was a cutback week in mileage anyway so I don’t think I lost any fitness. I would have loved to run in Charleston but I just didn’t have the time and since we were only there for four days, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my mom and sister.

Georgia and myself at a super cool wine store.

Georgia and myself at a super cool wine store.

When I got back, I got back into training mode but something just kept feeling “off.” I wasn’t feeling great on any of my runs really and my stomach was not cooperating. I need to reassess and maybe change my goals for my upcoming half marathons to be a little more realistic.

However, I did get a little boost of confidence after running the West End St. Patrick’s Day 5K yesterday in Allentown, PA, by setting an 11-second PR (24:48) without even trying. I went into the race wanting to just run it for fun. My only goal was the keep my pace below my half marathon pace, which I did, easily. It was a fun little race that Adam and I ran together. I was super proud of him too for setting a 1:30-minute PR and coming in first place for his age group and fifth overall!

Me and Adam before the 5K!

Me and Adam before the 5K!

Anyway, that’s been my life lately and here’s my training from the last few weeks:

Week Four

Monday, March 10 – Yoga

I wasn’t feeling sore today but just tired. Typically I do IronStrength on Mondays but today my body was telling me to go to yoga instead. It felt great.

Tuesday, March 11 – 7 miles, easy

I had to break up my run today for a few reasons. I was scheduled to run 7 miles (a bit too much for a lunch run) and I wanted to run with the running store after work, but they usually only do 5 miles. Also, it was insanely beautiful outside so I wanted to get out during the day. A bunch of my co-workers at Runner’s World have been working on the Run Emmaus project, in which they run every single street in Emmaus, PA- the town of our HQ. Today they were doing the final mile of the run so I decided to join in. I got my two miles done, got to take part in the project, and will be able to run after work too!

Plan: 2 miles, easy
Actual: 2 miles in 16:58 at 8:29/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 57 degrees, sunny

I ran after work with the Run Inn (our local running store). It was so nice to run in the evening when it’s light out. The pace was a little faster than “easy” for me but it felt ok.

Plan: 5 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 5 miles in 43:22 at 8:31/mile
(1) 8:12 (2) 8:32 (3) 8:44 (4) 8:36 (5) 8:37

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: 59 degrees, sunny

Wednesday, March 12 – 3.7 miles, easy

I felt really terrible on this run. My stomach was not happy, my nose was incredibly runny, just bad.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 3.7 miles 

Thursday, March 13 – 60 minutes, Vinyasa Yoga; 7 miles with 4 miles at HMP

I had to break this up into two runs unfortunately (I know not ideal but oh well) because it’s tough for me to do 7 miles at lunch. I did 5 miles with 4 miles at HMP during lunch and finished with 2 miles after work. I did all of the running on the treadmill because it was unbearably cold and windy outside.

Plan: 7 miles with 4 miles at HMP
Actual: (two runs) 5 miles with 4 miles @ 8:23/mile; 2 miles at 8:49/mile

Friday, March 14 – 6 miles, easy

I went out for an easy lunch run today with two coworkers. It was nice to just chat and keep the pace relatively easy, although we ended up going a bit faster than I had originally planned. I felt good though!

Plan: 6 miles, easy (9:18/mile)
Actual: 6 miles in 52:08 at 8:41/mile

Shoes: Saucony Mirage
Conditions: 30 degrees, overcast but sunny at the end

Saturday, March 15 – Travel to South Carolina [REST]

Sunday, March 16 –

I was supposed to run 6.2 miles according to my training plan but I was on vacation with my mom and sister (who I NEVER get to see) so I skipped! YOLO.


Week 5

Monday, March 17 – Still vacationing…

Tuesday, March 18 – Yoga

I flew back from South Carolina on Tuesday and got home later than expected. I was completely drained from the traveling and didn’t want to head out for a late 6-mile run. Instead I opted to do the Runner’s World Power Yoga session and I felt really great after.

Wednesday, March 19 – 5 miles, easy

I didn’t take a watch with me on my lunch run which was good because on easy runs, I really need to learn to disregard my pace and run by feel. I felt pretty good on this run but my legs were noticeably fatigued from all the walking I did with my mom and sister when we went to South Carolina for four days.

Plan: 5 miles, easy
Actual: 5.37 miles

Shoes: Saucony Mirage 3
Conditions: Overcast, drizzly, 36 degrees.

Thursday, March 20 – 6.2 miles, easy

Did a double- 3 miles at lunch, 3.2 miles after work at the Run Inn

Friday, March 21 – 6.3 miles recovery spin + Strength

Saturday, March 22 – 7 miles, LSD

I felt ok on my “long” run this week but the wind during the run was unbearable. Definitely my least favorite weather condition.

Plan: 7 miles, easy (9:12/mile)

Actual: 7 miles in 1:03:00 at 9:00/mile

Sunday, March 23 – 1 mile warmup, West End St.. Patricks Day 5K

I was not trying to race this 5K by any means. My goal was to run under my HMP (8:23/mile) but I felt pretty good. I actually ended up setting an 11-second PR. Nothing crazy but I’ll take it!


Weekly Mileage Total: 29 miles

See all training recaps here.


3 thoughts on “St. Luke’s Half Marathon Training: Weeks Four and Five

  1. Congrats on your 5K PR! I have a request/idea for a future post…at the risk of sounding like a blogstalker, I noticed that on your race page, your race times when you started running were really similar to mine as a new runner. But you’ve improved a lot more than I have – your current times are super impressive to me! I’d love to hear about the changes you’ve made since you started running that you think have made you faster, whether it’s upping your mileage, strength training, improving form, etc. Just a thought if you’re ever looking for a topic!

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