The Season of the Half

Sub 1-45I have a goal, that is part of operation get speedy, to break 1:45 in the half marathon this spring.

Before running the Disney half marathon two weeks ago, I had only run three half marathons before. I had never raced a half, or really trained for a half. They either happened when I was in the middle of training for something else, or I just decided to register for one on a whim, which is why my previous PR was 2:02:22 and I was able to knock 10 minutes off that PR (with relatively no training) two weeks ago at Disney to run a 1:52:55.

Now I know 10-minute PRs don’t just happen all the time. I’m anticipating the inevitable plateau that all runners face, but right now I’m going to go with this momentum. I know to break 1:45 I’ll have to drop another 7 minutes off my time, which is a little more than 30 seconds off my average pace. It’s not going to be easy but man, am I looking forward to working on my speed.

This week I ran my first half marathon pace workout. I did a 1-mile warmup at 8:49/mile pace and then dropped it down to what will be my goal half marathon pace, 8:00/mile, for three miles, and then did a 1-mile cool down. Now, I know I only ran at HMP for three miles, but it felt, dare I say, comfortable.

I have a plan in place. I have my break-1:45 training plan designed by one of my coworkers at Runner’s World and I have my race schedule lined up. My goal race will be the St. Luke’s Half Marathon on April 27. This race is only a mile away from my boyfriend’s apartment and boasts of a fast course. I also plan to run a tune-up 10-miler at some point in March (race is still TBD but I have options).

If St. Luke’s doesn’t go as planned I’m registered for NYRR’s Brooklyn Half on May 17. I’ll have to crash at a friend’s place the night before the race but I’ve heard nothing but great things about this race and it will be my first NYRR event, so it’s got to be good.

I’ll also be running the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half in Newton, MA on June 8. This most likely won’t be a good race for a PR just because of the hilly course but who knows?

So if I PR-ed at Disney on no training, and follow my plan for the spring season, I’m looking forward to seeing what these legs can do when fully trained.

Sub-1:45 or bust!

19 thoughts on “The Season of the Half

    • Thank you! I would totally recommend writing your goal on your sole (pun, totally intended). It’s nice to know it’s with you every step you take!

  1. I love writing your time on your shoe! I may have to do the same. I have a very similar PR, and a very similar PR goal that I’m working towards so I look forward to seeing how you do it!

  2. You’ve totally got this! Based on even just the one workout you mentioned here, plus the fact that you have 4 months to work on half marathon-specific speed…no doubt. No doubt also that putting in the work will be a fun challenge – looking forward to reading about all the speedy progress in your near future!

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  4. I KNOW you can do it! If I can, you can :) Believe in yourself, do the work, and you will make it happen!!! Speed work and tempos, as well as pushing the pace a bit more on your long runs to within 20 seconds of race pace will make a difference. Can’t wait to watch your success this year!

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