{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

  • Paying homage to the not-so-new Harlem Shake dance, Tracktown USA (a.k.a. Eugene, OR) made this video, as choreographed and organized by world record holder in the decathlon, Ashton Eaton – Tracktown USA Harlem Shake via YouTube 
  • Great post by Roisen McGettigan, a professional runner and co-founder of Believe I Am training journals, about the fluidity of running and yoga. – Yoga for Runners- The Yin for the Yang via Believe I Am (blog)
  • By far my favorite post of the week, and quite possibly my favorite post in a long time, was a post by my friend Laura Schwecherl, on her blog, Camping Out in America. She writes about our tendency as bloggers, runners, fitness enthusiasts and just normal people, to compare ourselves to one another and seek perfection, which really is unattainable. It’s a great read, so please check it out. – on comparison via Camping Out In America
  • I learned about a new blog this week (via a tweet by Erica Sara) and needless to say I’m obsessed. What really caught me was their tag line: “The Fitness Site for Badass Women. Be Pretty on Rest Days.” – Spikes and Heels
  • I’ve had a bit of an emotional week and while I know a lot of people don’t like Taylor Swift (I like her) this quote really spoke to me and has helped me not get sidetracked by people from my past. I hope it can help some of you too.
(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

4 thoughts on “{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs and Raves

  1. I’m glad you shared the post about comparison. I know I compare myself to other bloggers, and it’s so ridiculous! I think it’s so important to remember that comparing ourselves to others doesn’t really get us anywhere. We’re all on different journeys.

    And I’m not judging the Tay Swift quote because I love her. I hope your week gets better :)

    • I loved Laura’s post about comparison too! All of her words were so incredibly true and it’s pointless to compare ourselves to each other. I’m glad you liked the Tay Swift quote too :)

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