{Friday Faves} Reads, Runs, and Raves Track Edition

Tons of great stuff on the interwebs this week, but my Friday Faves seems to be completely devoted to track (runnerd alert, my apologies). I never ran on my high school track and field team (I was a tennis girl) but since I started running in March 2012, I’ve become a certified track nerd and this week the USA Outdoors National Championships are happening out in Iowa. The following faves pretty much wrap up my love of the sport and total geekdom over this week’s festivities.

  • The Evolution of a Fangirl – This post on Oiselle’s blog by Sarah OUaL completely summed up my sentiments toward Nationals this week. Basically, Sarah, you described me in this post. I totally get where you’re coming from.
  • USA Outdoors National Championship- Want to watch Nationals? You can! It’ll be on T.V. but if you for some reason won’t be near a T.V. you can watch it live on USATF.org
  • OMG, a Baby!Lauren Fleshman, track star extraordinaire and stuffed jalepeno aficionado, wrote this awesomely hilarious and endearing post for RW this week. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.
  • Speaking of track, Lora of LV Runs NYC, bought racing flats this week but first she tested out a few to find a pair that fit just right. Look at the pretty colors! – Feet Meet Flats
  • Hurdle Walkovers – I did hurdle walkovers at the Lehigh University track on Thursday night for the first time with Megan, and let me tell you, my hip flexors were singing their praises. Definitely give them a try! (video)


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