When Should You Get a Running Coach?

(source: Pinterest)

(source: Pinterest)

I’ve been mulling over the idea of getting a running coach for a few weeks now. I’ve seen progress in my running over the past year but I know that’s due in part to my inexperience- every race is a PR or close to it. So I thought I’d ask, to improve, should I get a coach?
  1. To get a running coach or not get a running coach, that is the question. Thoughts?
  2. Tons of people were pro-coach…
  3. @FitHappyGirl get one! I love having one and have improved tremendously. Ex 2:03 half from oct 12 to 1:49 this April
  4. Some people said it depends on your goals and finding the right coach (but were mainly pro-coach)…
  5. @FitHappyGirl So important to find one who’s the right fit, philosophically and personality-wise. Otherwise you lose a lot of benefits, imo.
  6. @FitHappyGirl But great to have someone monitor your performance, give advice, and adjust personalized training as you progress!
  7. @FitHappyGirl Absolutely, but a running coach should help you as much with what not to do as pushing the envelope at the right time.
  8. @FitHappyGirl If you haven’t met your goals on your own, try a coach. Make sure he/she works FOR YOU. Then take a leap.
  9. @FitHappyGirl If you have the right coach you’ll love running even more!
  10. @FitHappyGirl i hired @SpeedySasquatch for speed work! so mainly on my own but needed guidance for certain aspect! #justathought
  11. Then there was this…
  12. And you can count on Jason to be the odd man out (just kidding!)…

Luckily I work at Runner’s World so I have plenty of resources here but it might be good to have an objective person (who I don’t work with every day) as a coach instead. I’m nervous it might be too closing to the start of MCM training to get a coach now but maybe not. I’m also wondering about in-person coaching vs. online. I know plenty of people have had success with online coaching but the main reason I want a coach is to have someone push me, especially when I tend to sell myself short. I’m going to keep doing some research into it and see what I come up with.

Tell me, have you hired a running coach? Was it in-person or online and did you see improvements?

8 thoughts on “When Should You Get a Running Coach?

  1. I never intended to get a coach but more like ended up with one and although there are some things I would change I 100% love having a coach. I feel more accountable and have pushed myself more than I would have on my own. The thing I like the most is how much I am learning. When I get a flareup in my IT band or am just exhausted he tells me what to do so I don’t blow up the rest of the season. I do think finding a coach that you would get along with in real life is key. Not every coach will be a good fit so make sure they know your goals and you know their training style. With that being said, I never would have tried running 6 days a week on my own and was almost pissed when I saw that on my schedule. In fact, I almost ditched my coach right then. But I actually loved running that often and improved so much. I guess just make sure they aren’t suggesting anything too crazy but be willing to try new things

  2. I would want to push myself and keep trying to train solo until I hit a major plateau. Like, running a non-PR when I felt I was well-prepared 3+ times. Until then, I would want to see what I can achieve on my own. If every race has been a PR for you, sounds like you are the perfect coach already!

  3. I’ve been mulling it over lately, too. I used a training plan to get ready for my first half and I try to find information online, but I feel like having someone help me figure out what works for me and who I can have a conversation with seems like it would be more helpful. I know I need to do some speed work on the track…but I have no idea what to do!

  4. I agree with the advice to find someone who will help you hold yourself back as much as help push you- it’s so important to find the right balance and not just push for results at all costs. As a virtual coach, I think my athletes get the most out of it when they are self-motivated but just need some guidance determining proper pacing for them and # of speed/tempo workouts in a week, total overall mileage for them, etc. I also had a coach this past year and found myself hitting a lot of new prs because I was accountable to a schedule set by someone else! :)

  5. I just started working with a running coach at the beginning of this month after going it alone for the past year. I wanted someone who could help push me past my comfort zone and help me achieve a certain pace goal for my first half marathon. So far I have had nothing but a great experience! My coach immediately set a goal for me that I thought I had no way of achieving at this time, but she said “I really think you’re ready to do this” and then I did it on my very next run. That’s the beauty of having a coach, at least for me!

  6. I won a race entry into the Berlin Marathon and the coaching. I have to say that I am really glad I have a coach to help me get to the starting line of my first marathon. It’s mostly online coaching, but I have met her in person (which I think is important) and she will also be in Berlin to support our group of newby marathoners in Berlin.

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