Funning in the snow!

Funning in the snow!

Lately my training routine has consisted of a little something I like to call “funning.” Yup, that’s fun + running = funning.

After almost an entire year of seemingly non-stop training for my first two marathons (Big Sur and Marine Corps), which included a 26-minute PR, I was ready to take a break immediately after crossing the finish line. While some marathoners cross the finish line already scheming their next race, I thought to myself, nah, I’m good… for now.

As I posted a few weeks ago, my focus post-Marine Corps has been on getting faster – #operationgetspeedy. Part of getting faster (for me, at least) is letting myself shy away from a rigid training plan. I need to start to become familiar with my comfort zone and the feeling of jumping right out of it. Going to intervals on a Wednesday just because I feel like it. Running up the side of a mountain in Bethlehem and then doing a long run the next day. Running some miles with my speedy boyfriend. Taking it slow sometimes because I feel like it. While all of this might not seem fun to your average person, I’ve been having a blast.

The only race I have on my schedule in the near future is the Disney World Half Marathon in January. Originally my goal was to shoot for under 2 hours, my previous half PR but following a recent training run where I averaged 8:20/mile or faster, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

Type-A Hannah would typically take this, make a structured training plan, and shoot for a new goal of something ridiculous like a 1:45. But I’m tired of all that and I just want to run whatever I want to run. Moreover, I want to just have fun.

So I’m just going to keep running whatever I want to run whenever I want to run it and see what happens at Disney. Disney will be a test and I’ll re-evaluate my half marathon goals for the Spring to see what a reasonable time goal would be. Until then, I’m just going to keep on funning along.

Happy running, all!

15 thoughts on “Funning

  1. I’ve been doing more funning with the sole goal of being consistent, and it’s been nice to take a little solace in running as a break from my crazy schedule right now. Looking forward to developing a little more focus and desire to chase some big goals. See ya in January!

    • I totally agree! Being off a training plan right now has been so refreshing. Instead of running being something I have to do, it’s something I want to do and like you say, a break from the rest of my day. See you then!

    • I totally agree with the need for a change. Following a plan can get so tedious sometimes. It’s fun to do whatever I want!

  2. Love this! I am so looking forward to ‘funning’ for the next few weeks. Just running and working out without a plan- it was a jam packed year of training and now it’s time to let loose a little!!! I think funning will make Disney even better for you, when you are enjoying it more- nothing can stop you!

    • Definitely enjoy a period of funning! It’s such a nice break that I think everyone needs. I think you’re right about Disney too :-)

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