{Monday Motivation} In Between Goals

I saw this graphic on Pinterest yesterday and thought it completely summed up where I’m at with my running lately. Last week I wrote about my funning escapades because currently I’m in between goals. I have a half marathon coming up in January at Disney that I’m using as a gauge of my fitness level and speed right now. It’s not a goal race, just a “let’s see where I’m at race.” Yesterday, I signed up for my spring goal race, the St. Luke’s Half Marathon in April. I haven’t set a time goal for that yet but I’m using this in between time to mentally rehab and just have fun running. This past weekend I had the most peaceful and fun run yet, running through a local state park during a snow storm. It was total bliss. Being in between goals right now has been fun and while I’m ready to get back to training a little harder, it’s sometimes nice to stop and catch the snowflakes. Happy running this week!

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

7 thoughts on “{Monday Motivation} In Between Goals

  1. After finishing New York I wanted to jump right back into training. Now though I’m really enjoying not having anything on the calendar and having the freedom to do whatever I want. All the snow PA’s been getting is definitely helping too

  2. HA! Hannah, I’m kitchen finishing up my grading. It’s 12 degrees and snowing outside. I have done my three mile walk EVERY DAY for the past month, even in the blistering cold–this was my goal and I have developed that love for the air and movement that you’re talking about! But I’m wondering if I can just take this one day off! Thanks for giving me permission. Maybe I’ll just do a quick one today.

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