Race Recap: Marine Corps Marathon

So happy at mile 18.

So happy at mile 18.

Marathon Magic

Before I ran my first marathon last April at Big Sur, one of my coworkers told me about something she called “marathon magic.” I was freaking out and anxious about the seemingly impending doom that was running 26.2 miles along Highway 1 and I told her I wasn’t feeling good and my legs felt slow and sore. She told me that come race day, undoubtedly, something called “marathon magic” would kick in and all of the pieces would fall into place.

I ended up finishing Big Sur (with some walking) in 4:33:41, not terrible for my first marathon and the challenging course. Leading up to Marine Corps last weekend I was feeling the same way. My left calf muscle had been irritable for weeks, I was starting to come down with a cold, and my hips (which had been fine all throughout training) were feeling oddly sore. I was nervous about my time goal of breaking 4:15, and even more nervous about my secret goal of breaking 4:10, and my “dream big” goal seemed completely out of reach.

But like clock work, come early Sunday morning, when I lined up with my pace group, the “marathon magic” set in. I finished Marine Corps in 4:07:06, a 26 minute, 35 second PR.


The Race

I got to the starting line early to get settled into my corral and be there in time to watch the Wounded Warrior Project paratroopers jump from the sky with flags attached to land at the start. It was pretty inspiring to watch them floating through the sky as someone sang the national anthem just outside of Arlington National Cemetery. (Pro tip: if you run MCM get to the start early to see all of this!)

I also wanted to get to the start early because MCM has you self-corral based on what you think you’re finishing time would be. I trained for a 4:15 but decided to line up a little closer to the 4:00 group. The start was very congested and when the howitzer went off to signal the start, it ended up being more of a slow crawl than a run. After about two miles and the first set of hills, the pack thinned out a bit.

My plan going into the race was to focus on 5-mile increments. I typically go on 5-mile runs during lunch so in my mind, breaking 26.2 miles down to 5-mile increments helped (I also fuel every 5 miles). Then I figured I’d give it my all in the last 1.2 miles to go with my mantra – Last mile, strong mile, kick it in.

I was lucky to see my parents really early on in the race around the mile 2 marker, which gave me the surge I needed in the very beginning. My boyfriend had also gone to the start but since there were so many runners, it was tough to find him in the crowd while focusing on not tripping over the runner in front of me.

Once the field thinned out, I focused on staying steady and consistent. I was trying my hardest to run even splits but between the spectators, the inspiring runners running alongside me, the military presence, and my own personal cheer squad, my paces darted around a bit. I joked after that every time I saw my parents or my boyfriend, I ran my fastest miles – I guess I got a little excited.

My cheer squad :)

My cheer squad :)


The race itself is all still a bit of a blur to me. I’m terrible at really breaking down races, mile by mile for recaps but there were some incredible highlights:

  • Seeing my family at the very beginning of the race and then again around mile 18/19.
  • Seeing my boyfriend at mile 10, 16 (he even ran with me a bit then!), and the finish.
  • Seeing Bart Yasso twice and having him yell my name!
  • Running the Run to Remember mile out on Hains Point in honor of fallen veterans.
  • Running alongside those running for their loved ones who have served, are active duty, or who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  • All of the Marines who were genuinely cheering for all of us. It seemed odd because we really should be the ones cheering for them.
  • Surprising myself and running a huge PR.

The best part about my second marathon, besides my cheer squad, though was being able to run the entire 26.2 without walking and feeling like it was actually comfortable. It makes me wonder, and dream, about what I could do once I get more experience under my belt with the distance. I think the whole “marathon magic” thing happens for different reasons. At Big Sur, the marathon magic came to me because it was my first marathon. At MCM it came because I knew I had my family there cheering me on.

When my co-worker first told me about “marathon magic” I didn’t believe her. After Big Sur, I was still a little cynical about it but MCM confirmed it for me. Marathon magic is real, and I believe it.


Ran: 26.62 miles in 4:07:06 at 9:17/mile average

(1)10:15 (2) 9:40 (3) 9:38 (4) 9:05 (5) 9:26 (6) 9:00 (7) 9:23 (8) 9:28 (9) 9:11 (10) 9:00

(11) 9:07 (12) 8:56 (13) 9:02 (14) 9:12 (15) 9:08 (16) 9:15 (17) 9:09 (18) 9:18 (19) 9:13

(20) 9:26 (21) 9:05 (22) 9:14 (23) 9:12 (24) 9:12 (25) 9:39 (26) 9:34 (27) 5:28 (for 0.60)

35 thoughts on “Race Recap: Marine Corps Marathon

  1. Congrats on such a huge PR! There definitely must have been some contagious marathon magic in the race because I had an awesome race as well. Finished my first marathon in 4:26 and felt like I ran it really conservative for fear of the wall and a desire to just enjoy the experience. Now I know I can run faster in my next. But it was a blast! And seeing Bart at mile 25 1/2 was a huge boost for me. He yelled my name (it was on my shirt) how cool!

    • I’m so, so happy to hear you had an incredible first marathon experience! I know you can run faster too. You’re going to get addicted!!

  2. Congratulations!! That is a HUGE PR :) I felt some of that “marathon magic” during Chicago too – definitely a real thing haha

  3. Wow! Congratulations – that’s an awesome PB! I finished my first marathon in 4:32:01 and having now completed 4 marathons, I’ve only managed to get the time down to 4:29:33. I’m doing another marathon in April, so I’m hoping to do some speedwork in November before starting to train again in December. Maybe if I can start picking up the pace now, there’s more hope that I’ll get sub 4:15 in Spring. I’ve managed a 1:52 HM and have done 20 miles in 3:02, but the marathon eludes me. What are your top training tips?

    • Thank you! I need to write a post about my training tips but for me, the main key to training is stick to a plan, but listen to your body. If you’re feeling achy or sick, take a rest day. Having a plan really helps though!

    • I loved them both for very different reasons. I thought Big Sur was perfect for a first marathon because the course is so challenging there’s no pressure for time. It’s also very peaceful and the views are incredible. I loved MCM though for the spectators and the faster course. It helped so much having spectators along the course! I haven’t nailed down my race schedule yet but I’m hoping to do a fall marathon.

  4. Awesome job!! Congrats!! It’s clear you’re getting speedy! And I think there is something about the 2nd marathon where you have a better idea of what to expect and can really see what you’re made of :)

    • Thank you so much Meg!! It definitely helped having the experience from my first marathon to get me through. Can’t wait for number 3!

  5. Congratulations! I’m so glad you were able to meet your goal. I’m so glad the plan worked for you…I hope it works for me on Sunday as well as the marathon magic for my first marathon!

  6. Congrats on the awesome PR! And yes, I totally believe in “Marathon Magic”! My legs felt so tired the weeks leading up to MCM and the arch of my left

    I PR’d this weekend at MCM too, what an amazing

    • Oops, sorry, posted that too soon!

      I totally believe in Marathon Magic, my legs felt so tired and my arch was killing me leading up to MCM, but come race day I felt amazing!

      I PR’d also and even ran a 9 min negative split! It was such an amazing race from the course, to the weather to the amazing Marine support I loved every second of it!

  7. Congrats on the huge PR! I’m definitely a believer in marathon magic! There’s just something about lining up in the starting area that makes things fall into place and helps carry you through the tough miles :)

  8. Congratulations on the huge PR, and crushing even your secret goal time. I like the recap of your favorite parts of the race. And I love that happy photo of you at mile 18! Way to rock it!

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