{Monday Motivation} Love the Run

Ok, sometimes running does suck. Especially this winter. I went out for an easy 5-miler on Saturday and it felt like the hardest run of my life. It was 13 degrees out and breathing in the frigid air was less than enjoyable. But I got it done because that’s what we do as runners. Yes, I could have bailed on the run. Yes, I could have gone on the gym and ran the 5 miles while watching endless amounts of Kardashian episodes. But instead I sucked it up and went out for my sucky, freezing run. And you know what, I felt phenomenally better when I got back inside. So when I saw this graphic from Run Pretty Far on Pinterest this morning, I thought it was perfect for today. Here’s hoping for warmer, happier, and less suckier runs this week!

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)


{Monday Motivation} Terrifying and Amazing

Last week my foot was finally feeling good enough to do my first workout of training for the St. Luke’s Half Marathon in April. My plan called for 5 miles with 3 miles at half marathon pace (8:00/mile). While the workout felt hard, I found myself thinking, if all goes to according to plan, in 10 weeks, I will be able to run this fast-for-me pace for 13.1 miles. That’s terrifying and absolutely amazing at the same time. Setting a big goal for yourself, whatever it may be, should be a little mix of terrifying and amazing. If it’s not, dream a little bigger! Happy running this week!

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

{Monday Motivation} With Wings, Will Fly

Last week I ran some really great workouts. So great that 7:10/mile felt almost comfortable. Last week I also revealed my plan to hit my goal this spring of running a sub-1:45 half marathon. Then I saw this graphic on Pinterest, and it was perfect for how I’m feeling. I wish you all light, frolicsome runs this week. Happy running!

(Via Oiselle on Pinterest)

(Via Oiselle on Pinterest)

{Monday Motivation} Ambitious Goals

One of my favorite parts of running is having the ability to make goals. I think it’s important to have goals, no matter how out of reach they may seem in the beginning, because it’s fun and challenging to work towards something. If you read my blog often you know I’ve been working on getting faster. While I haven’t started training for my goal race this spring (the St. Luke’s Half Marathon, April 28) I have been doing regular mileage and speed work. This past weekend it paid off when I went sub-2:00 for the first time at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon by running a 1:52:55, a 10-minute PR for me. I can’t wait to see what’s to come as I ramp up my training and speed work. I hope you have some ambitious goals on your horizon, share them with me below if you’d like!

Ambitious goals



{Monday Motivation} Do the Impossible

Hey, guess what! I’m running not one, not three, not four (like some seriously Dopey people) but TWO races this week down in Disney for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! That’s right folks, I’m bravely taking on the Hannah McGoldrick challenge of running the 5K and half-marathon. Some people are running the 5K, 10K, half, and full, or even the half and full. But not me, no I’m running the 5K and half, because why not? I’m running it with the Runner’s World Challenge (check it out!) and will be at the Runner’s World booth at the expo from Wednesday to Friday. Will I see you there?

The Impossible

{Monday Motivation} Build the New

Well 2013 has almost come to an end and that can only mean people are going to start focusing on their 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them and (to be completely honest with ourselves) we all break them. I think the key to sticking to a New Year’s resolution is to build on where you are already. If your goal is to start running but you don’t workout yet, maybe you want to think about committing yourself to at least an hour and a half of exercise per week then look into a run/walk program like this one. Maybe your goal is to run faster and qualify for Boston (like someone I know…) maybe focus on speed and shorter distances in the spring and set your sights on a goal fall marathon. Maybe you want to get stronger, lose weight, eat healthier, work on staying in touch with far-away-friends. Whatever it is, focus on where you are already and build on that. Then you won’t be setting yourself up to fail and you can stick to your resolution. Happy New Year!


{Monday Motivation} Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

One of my favorite shows of all time is Friday Night Lights and this quote from it is just perfect. In running, or any sport really, you have to make the decision to either go for it and be all in, or hold back. The scary thing about really going for it is the chance of failing. By holding back, there’s room for error. But sometimes going for it is half the fun. If you fail, you can always try again. So, like Coach Eric Taylor always said to his team, you have to have clear eyes and full hearts, because with that, you can’t lose. Happy running this week!

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

{Monday Motivation} Test Your Limits

People always say running is a great metaphor for life. I like running because it gives you an opportunity to constantly improve on yourself, whether that means setting a new PR, getting stronger, or trying to go for the win. But it takes guts and courage to go for those bigger goals and most of that confidence comes from believing you can do it. The training is the easy part, it’s the leap of faith that can be the hardest obstacle. So go out there and test your limits. Happy running this week!

test the limits

{Monday Motivation} Keep Going

Yesterday I went on my coldest run of the season. When I stepped outside the temperature was in the 20s but with the 25-30mph winds, it felt more like the single digits. I like running in the cold but yesterday’s 12-miler tested my dedication. I had to stop a few times to catch my breathe because the air I was breathing in was just so incredibly dry. At one point, my boyfriend and I actually stopped at his office on the way back to warm up a bit before we ran the final 2 miles back. He offered to run back, get his car, and come pick me up. I was that cold. But I’m also incredibly stubborn and wanted to get in the full 12 miles, especially since our pace had been really good up until that point. So, instead of giving in to the option that would have been much easier (and warmer) I decided to continue on the run- and it was so worth it. My Garmin had died but he said we got in to the 7:XX/mile pace in the final two miles (super fast for me, easy for him) but I felt great. Once I finally warmed up inside with a hot cup of tea I realized that it really was a great run. Happy running this week!

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

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