{Monday Motivation} Renew Your Inspiration to Run

I have a pretty concrete running schedule each week. I run five days a week, do at least one speed workout, one long run, and easy runs to fill in. I cross train on Mondays and take a rest day on Friday. This has been my running schedule every week since January. It gets old though and sometimes, especially when I’m not training for anything in particular, it gets boring. I’ll admit sometimes my runs are very un-inspiring. Yesterday I had planned to do a long-ish run, 8-10 miles. But I woke up, it was hot and very humid and I just wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t do it- and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s better to take a rest day when you’re not feeling it than to go out and slog through a run, especially when you aren’t training for something. Sometimes you need to start fresh to feel inspired again. That’s what I’m doing now and I think it’s working. Happy running!

(source: Pinterest)

(source: Pinterest)

5 thoughts on “{Monday Motivation} Renew Your Inspiration to Run

  1. A new route is always the best way to refresh for me! Once I get to the point where I know “that tree right there means I’m 1.75 miles in” – then it’s time to head somewhere new.

    Hope your inspiration to run returns 100% soon + I wish you many happy miles this summer!

  2. Love your outlook. Mine is similar. I love to run, but if one morning I’m not feeling it and I make myself go anyway, I feel that it’s going to make me not love it as much. I want to enjoy it every time!

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