{Monday Motivation} Finishing Only Stokes the Fire

It’s no surprise that running can be addicting. You can’t possibly pump your body full of that many endorphins and not expect to get addicted to it. Well, I recently found out marathoning is no different. From the moment I crossed the finish line at Big Sur just over a week ago, I haven’t stopped thinking about my next marathon- when will it be, where, how will I do, can I finally set a time goal? So, when I saw this graphic on Pinterest, I thought it was perfect for this week’s Monday Motivation. Happy running this week!


8 thoughts on “{Monday Motivation} Finishing Only Stokes the Fire

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Running is addictive. When you have a good run, you want to follow it up with another. If you have a bad run, you want to get back out and do better. Probably the only fitness activity that I’ve experienced that leaves me wanting more.

    • I feel exactly the same way! There’s nothing better than a really good run and there’s nothing sweeter than going out and making up for a bad run.

    • Same! Sometimes I wish my races weren’t so far apart. I guess I just need to register for more :)

  2. My first half I crossed the finish line and was actually disappointed the race was over. We’ll see how the first full marathon goes…but I totally know what you mean!!

    • I’m sure you’re going to feel the same way after crossing the finish line of your first full! You may not want to run a marathon again right away but the urge for 26.2 miles will definitely be there :)

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