I’m Running Hood to Coast with Nuun!

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind with work, Big Sur and all the traveling in between that I never got the chance to properly announce that I’m running Hood to Coast this August with Nuun! (Jumps up and down screaming yayyy!!)


Hold up a second, you don’t know what Hood to Coast is? Well let me fill you in. As Nuun writes on their own blog, Hood to Coast is the “mother of all relays.” This 200-mile long relay has runners start at the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and then, over the course of 36 different legs (each runner runs three legs) you finish on the sandy shores of the Pacific in Seaside, Oregon. Pretty epic, no doubt.

The best part of running Hood to Coast is the team aspect, or so I hear. And, according to friends who ran Hood to Coast with Nuun last year, the Nuun team is by far the best one out on the course (I’m not biased at all….). But seriously, I, along with 20 other women runners, will make up the Nuun team and take on Mt. Hood and have a lot of fun along the way.

Many thanks to Nuun for picking me to join their team, I couldn’t be more excited to run hydrated for an absurd amount of miles with these lovely ladies! Check out the rest of the team!

  • Kimberly – Healthy Strides
  • Jolene – Journey of a Canuck Mom on the Run
  • Megan – Meg Runner Girl
  • Lisa – Run Wiki
  • Mallory – Run Eat Run Eat
  • Leslie – Triathlete Treats
  • Holly – Leaps of Faith
  • Kara – Welcome to Karadise
  • Jesica – runladylike
  • Catey – Random Thoughts from the Zoo
  • Lisa – Lisa Runs for Cupcakes
  • Kristen – Defy Your Limitations
  • Sarah – Run Far Girl
  • Meghan – Shoe Stories
  • Devon – Dev on Running
  • Karen – Reason to Play
  • Andrea – the MF Dre
  • Jenny – We Wander and Ponder
  • Lindsay – Twisted Running

Have you ever run a relay? Any words of wisdom for Team Nuun?

18 thoughts on “I’m Running Hood to Coast with Nuun!

  1. Congrats! HTC is supposedly a great (and somewhat challenging on certain legs) course! …In general, don’t overpack and practice what you can (and can’t) eat before/after a run. You’ll do awesome though. There’s such a camaraderie with relays- it’s like nothing else!

    • Thanks for the advice! This will be my first relay and I’m not exactly sure how I will train for it but I am so excited to run it with this awesome group of ladies!

    • Thank you! I’m really excited, especially since there’s such a team aspect to it. Running can be such an individual sport sometimes so I’m craving the team camaraderie!

  2. That looks like a blast. I have only run one relay – a half marathon relay with two coworkers. I had a 5K leg, which was fine since I was newly pregnant with #3 at the time. Would be so much more fun to do with a group like that!

    • Awesome! Relays always sounded so cool to me so I’m really excited to actually get to do one now :)

    • Thank you Kelsey! It’s great to hear you had such an awesome experience! I know some of the girls who ran last year and they said it was amazing!

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