Big Sur Marathon Training: Week One

Running in the cold isn't too bad when you have a cute outfit!

Running in the cold isn’t too bad when you have a cute outfit!

Week one of training for the Big Sur International Marathon went really well despite this week being record-breaking, and bone-chillingly cold! I successfully completed all of the runs on my training schedule and only one of them was on the treadmill.

I’m not sure I mentioned what training plan I’m using yet but since I’m running Big Sur with the Runner’s World Challenge, I’ve opted to train according to the Runner’s World First-Timers plan. While this is a beginner’s marathon training plan it’s designed for runners who have already run at least one half-marathon (I’ve run two) and consistently run five times a week. This plan was perfect for me because when I was looking at other beginner plans, many of them have you running only three to four times a week and with little to know hill or speed work. I am going to need hill workouts for Big Sur to make sure I’m adequately ready for Hurricane Point and the other monstrous hills along the route, but I also need speed work (in my case Yasso 800s) to keep my endurance up.

Also, since my plan is a 16-week training plan, I had to “officially” start on week three of the plan because there was overlap with the Disney Half-Marathon. But, I had a pretty solid base so there shouldn’t be a problem on the go forward. Here were my workouts last week:

Monday: Rest- I usually cross-train on Mondays but I was driving home from Massachusetts for my birthday weekend so I didn’t have time.

Tuesday: Easy 3 miles at 9:20/mile (28:00)- ran this during lunch and it was absolutely freezing outside! I’m talking 18 degrees with a feels like temperature of about 9 degrees and 15 mph winds. COLD. But I did it anyways and felt great after.

Wednesday: Easy 5 miles at 9:43/mile (48:40)- I folded on this run and decided to do it on the treadmill. I hate treadmill running for two reasons- 1. It’s the treadmill; and, 2. I ran much slower on the treadmill because I’m afraid of tripping. I wanted to get the mileage in and my co-workers keep reminding me that my easy runs should always be run at an easy pace, painfully easy. So, I guess the treadmill is a good way to ensure I’m taking it easy.

Thursday: Easy 3 miles at 8:39/mile (26:00) and 45 minutes of Gentle Flow Yoga- Oops, so much for that easy pacing. I did a 3-miler again during lunch but it was so cold, I couldn’t help but speeding up to get inside faster! I felt really good though and enjoyed the run more than Tuesday’s run. I also did yoga with a Megan and Cait after work. None of us are fantastic yogis (although I’m really trying to do more of it!) but we all wanted to try out a class offered by our work. I thought it was a great class, although I wouldn’t have minded it to be a bit more intense but I guess that’s what Gentle Flow means.

Friday: Rest and foam roll

Saturday: Easy 3 miles at 9:16/mile (28:00)- I was supposed to do my long run on Saturday but after we had some snow in the Lehigh Valley on Friday night, which turned to ice overnight, I decided not to leave me fate at the hands of the Valley’s snowplows (or lack there of) and reschedule my long run for Sunday. I was going to take the day off completely but the sun came out in the afternoon and I was itching to head out. Luckily I was able to get my roomie to come out with me. It was one of the best runs I’ve had in awhile because we were able to just chat and enjoy the roads to ourselves.

Sunday: 14 mile long slow distance at 9:34/mile (2:14:00)- Dun, dun, dun! The Long Run! This was my first long run of Big Sur training and my longest run since last September when I attempted the 14 mile distance with my cousin and friend. However, this time I was running solo and it felt amazing! I wasn’t really nervous about this run going into it. It was going to be cold, but I bundled up, and it was going to be long but I was prepared. While my route was much hillier than anticipated, I tackled the majority of the hills with no problems at all. Honestly, I was impressed with myself. My route took me all around town and included about two miles of trails along the river which was really relaxing. I felt my pace was comfortable and was amazed that I ran the full 14 miles faster than my first half-marathon time!

Weekly Mileage Total: 28 miles

I hope everyone else’s training went well this week. Happy running!

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6 thoughts on “Big Sur Marathon Training: Week One

    • Thank you! I don’t blame you though. It’s definitely tough to get out there in the winter time when I’d much rather be inside with hot chocolate but I just hate the treadmill. As long as you get the run in though, that’s what matters!

  1. I’m not a big fan of treadmills either. I have a strange (and I’m now realizing pretty irrational) fear of flying off the back. I think I’m going to have to suck it up and move indoors on the colder days though. Much better than not running at all!

    Great job on your long run too :)

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