The “Gear” Necessities of Marathon Training

As I enter into week 1 of Big Sur Marathon training, I wanted to ask the Twitter-sphere what are the absolute essentials (gear-wise) for marathon training. Clearly, a water bottle and GPS watch are favorites, but there are others too! – H.M.
  1. Working on a post: What are the “gear” necessities of marathon training? #marathontraining #runchat
  2. @FitHappyGirl water bottle! Garmin, music (for me at least), great socks, COMPRESSION SOCKS/SLEEVES- an absolute must! foam roller!
  3. @FitHappyGirl Handheld water bottle or water belt. GPS watch, all the way. And some way to carry phone in case of emergency.
  4. @FitHappyGirl GPS watch! I don’t carry water but I’m a weird one =) LOL I stick my gels in my sports bra =) I also don’t foam roll. HA
  5. @FitHappyGirl shoes that are worn in but not worn out that you’ve been fitted for. A very light nutrition belt – I have the SIS one
  6. @FitHappyGirl I used the Nathan Fuel series and added bottles as needed. The gel holder works really well, too.…
  7. @FitHappyGirl Nathan water belt and @TPtherapy ultimate six kit. Better than just foam roller IMO!

7 thoughts on “The “Gear” Necessities of Marathon Training

  1. Foam roller and calf compression for post training and defo water bottle belt and GPS watch to keep you at pace nothing easier and worse than your pace shooting up when you run past cheering crowds. It will kill you when you get into the later part of the race. Good luck :-)

    • Thanks! I love my foam roller and compression sleeves for recovery. I’ll try not to speed up too much when I run past cheering crowds! Luckily for me I think most of the spectators come at the end for Big Sur!

  2. Thanks for posting these responses! As I start to ramp up my training, I’ve been thinking about the necessities (or at least the good-to-haves!) – especially after seeing it a few times here, I think I’m definitely going to need to invest in a foam roller pretty soon!

    Happy training :)

    • I’m glad you found it helpful! I love my foam roller. It’s a great tool to work out any aches or tightness. Happy training to you too!

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