Monday Motivation: Dream big

I’m usually not the biggest fan of semi-cliche sayings like “Dream Big” but lately, it’s constantly running through my mind. As I look back to March, when I couldn’t even run a mile, and now I’m getting ready to run a half-marathon, I really can’t believe it. I also can’t believe how much running has literally changed my life. Things I never thought would happen for me are finally happening and I’m just so proud of how far I’ve come. I also am a believer in the fact that big dreams should be a little scary but if you have enough confidence in yourself, they aren’t impossible. So as the saying goes “Dream big” because as big as you can dream you can achieve greatness. Happy Monday and good luck with your training runs this week!

What are your big dreams for the week? Share them in the comments section!

8 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Dream big

  1. My big dream is getting a job offer for my dream position. I interviewed last week, find out sometime this week and am freaking out with the anticipation!

  2. My dreams are way too long term (the whole 50 states marathon thing can’t be done in a week, or a year for that matter!); but my dream for the week is to have a healthy start to a taper leading to a strong marathon September 29. And hopefully many more strong marathons will follow!

    • That’s a great dream! I think with big dreams, like you’re goal to do a marathon in each of the 50 states (go you!), it’s important to have little dreams in between and make goals for each week! It’s kind of like when you’re on a really long run and you get tired you tell yourself, ‘I just need to make it to the next mailbox’ and repeat! Good luck with your taper week!

  3. My dream at the moment is to be able to run my first 5k at the end of Oct. I am a beginner and I started a little over E wks ago and I’m determined :-)

    • Great dream and you can definitely do it! That’s how I started running back in March. I signed up for a Couch to 5K program and now I’m running my first half-marathon at the end of the month! You can do it!

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