Monday Motivation: Do what others say cannot be done

When I first started running, I was focused on just finishing a 5k. I was not a runner and just started last March but I knew if I set that goal for myself, I could accomplish it. Pretty soon, I realized I could run farther and longer than a lot of other people. I remember the day when I broke through the mysterious “wall” and was able to just keep running, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had never been really good at anything athletic but now I was able to run 4 miles and then 6 miles and pretty soon, a half marathon.

But when I told some of my family and friends about my dream to run a marathon, a few doubted me. They told me it was too ambitious, I hadn’t raced enough smaller races yet, I could hurt myself and I just wasn’t ready. It’s hard to hear this form people you love, especially when you just want them to be happy for you. But it gives you a choice. You can either listen to what they say and change your mind about your goals, or you can ignore them and go full speed ahead with confidence in your ability to reach your goal. I did the latter.

7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Do what others say cannot be done

    • Thanks! I totally agree with you too. Plus, when I do accomplish my goal it’ll be even better because there are people who thought I couldn’t do it.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. When I signed up for my first half marathon, everyone told me I was crazy. They didn’t get “it”, as in why would I 100% volunteer myself to run 13.1-miles! Sometimes you need to do the unthinkable just to prove it to yourself that you are capable of greatness!!!

    • Exactly! I knew I could do it and more so than proving it to anyone else, I wanted to prove it to myself that I was capable of it :)

  2. I stopped listening to people a long time ago. The best thing you can do is do what people say is crazy and surround yourself with the running community that knows anything is possible.

    (and by the way, thanks for submitting your blog on #runchat – I’m looking forwarding to following you along!)

    • For sure! People I’ve met in the running community have been so supportive. Whenever I tell another runner about a new race or new goal, I always get words of support usually in the form of “You’re gonna rock it girl!”

      And thank you for picking my blog to feature on #runchat! #RunChat has been a huge source of support for me!

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