Anatomy of a good pair of running socks

Do not underestimate the power of a good pair of running socks, they will change the outcome of your run, I can guarantee it. My dad used to be a marathoner and he told me that my mom would meet him at 13.1 miles in just so he could change his socks. Yeah, they’re that important.

I just invested in a new pair of running socks, totaling $12.00 for one pair, but it was so worth it. Whether you’re running a marathon, a 5k or just going for a jog, the cushioning provided by a good pair of running socks will help you to sustain the run. A good pair of socks should be lightweight, cushioned and able to absorb moisture. says “The ideal socks for running a marathon will tolerate miles of pounding during training and complement your running shoes ability to provide stability. Livestrong gives three criteria that must be met in looking for a new pair of running socks- material, cushioning and stitching.

  • Material- You want to look for a running sock made out of material that will draw moisture away from your feet and that will be able to withstand the rigors of training and multiple washes. Cotton socks tend to give blisters because cotton absorbs sweat and chafes easily against skin. It’s best to chose a sock made out of synthetic material like polyester and spandex because they are designed to pull moisture away from the foot. Not all natural fibers are bad however. Material such as bamboo can have natural tendencies to pull moisture away.
  • Cushioning- Cushioning in socks is extremely important because it can help stabilize the foot while running. When choosing a sock for running the cushioning depends on your foot type. If you have a high arch you may want to opt for a sock with more cushioning in the center to provide stability. Other socks offer cushioning in the heel and ball of your foot to combat pronation and again to stabilize the foot. It’s best to consult with a speciality running store to determine your foot type and the sock most appropriate for you.
  • Stitching- When running for prolonged amounts of time, it’s important to avoid chafing and irritation that may result in blisters. According to Livestrong “Hand-linked or seamless toe enclosures help prevent chafing at the top of the toes. Look for socks featuring “Y” and “W” stitched heel gores which further improve the socks fit.” This will help prevent the sock from slipping down while running.

3 thoughts on “Anatomy of a good pair of running socks

  1. Agreed! I especially agree that they should compliment your running shoes. Nothing worse than socks and shoes that disagree :/

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