Hunger Games workout: Train like a Tribute

"I work out because I know I would've been the first to die in the Hunger Games." (via Pinterest)

The much anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ hit novel “Hunger Games” was released today and fans are wondering how they can get in shape like star heroine Katniss Everdeen. One New York gym has developed a new workout, Train Like a Tribute, to get fans and fitness lovers alike in shape for the Hunger Games arena.

New York Sports Club fitness instructor and former Marine, Eric Salvador, created a workout similar to the training of the “tributes” in the book. He developed exercises that simulate the four skills necessary for survival in the “Hunger Games”- archery, tree climbing, speed work and strength. Although the classes do not start until next week, classes will also be offered in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Salvador’s 45-minute workout includes “Katniss kickbacks and Peeta presses (named for two of the main characters), along with archery work, simulated tree climbing (using TRX bands) and even a ‘Sprint to the Cornucopia,'” according to a TODAY Health article.

“In the book, the characters have to sprint at the beginning to grab all the materials they need for survival,” Salvador said in the article. “In our class, the participants sprint to the center of the room to grab their dumb bells, water, mat, towel and a bow. But they can only grab one item at a time, so they’re going back and forth and back and forth.”

Fox News gave an outline of some of the exercises that are involved in the workout:

  • Katniss Killers- Using an actual bow, ” while standing in an archer’s stance, participants pull the bow back until taut.  But instead of releasing the bow string, they bring their arms back to starting position and repeat until finished.”
  • Capitol Crunches- “The capitol crunches help participants improve their core strength.  Tributes lay flat on their backs, with a weight extend above their heads.  They are then told to do a number of full sit-ups while keeping the weight above their heads.”
  • Jabberjay Jacks-  “In the ‘Train Like a Tribute’ workout, jabberjays are also keeping tributes in line by making them do jumping jacks while crossing their legs.  This helps them improve their speed and agility for the games.”
  • Peeta Presses- “In order to build strength, participants position dumbbells by their shoulders and then extend them upwards over their heads.”

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