Legs Up the Wall Week!


My legs, up ‘da wall.

I just found out yesterday that this week (February 4-10) is Lululemon’s Legs Up the Wall Week! Confused? Don’t fret- let me fill you in…

Legs Up the Wall is a yoga pose in which you lay on your back, scoot your bum right up to the wall and put your legs up against said wall. You want to lay here for 5 to 30 minutes, or really as long as you feel comfortable. You can put your arms wherever you want too- over your head, down by your side or outstretched. Sounds simple, right? It is, and it feels absolutely amazing!

According to Lululemon’s blog, this pose has several benefits, (especially to all of us runners out there) besides being extremely relaxing:

  • “Your femur bones are dropping into your hip sockets, relaxing your psoas. These are the muscles that help you walk and support your lower back.”
  • “Blood is draining out of your tired feet and legs.”
  • “Your nervous system is getting a signal to slow down. It’s all stress release and recovery big time.”

For runners, this is a really great yoga pose and probably my favorite aside from savasana (which doesn’t really count). As runners, we spend a lot of time on our feet and legs and we rarely give them a chance to full relax and just be still. It’s also a great hamstring stretch after a long run and can help loosen up those muscles. When I do this, I also feel a great release in my lower back, an area that does more work than one might think while running.

I know it’s already Thursday but I’m going to partake in Legs Up the Wall week, will you join me? If you do, make sure you take a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #legsupthewall to show Lululemon!

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Anywhere yoga {Infographic}

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few months, you may realize my go-to fitness site is the Greatist. As a journalist I can really appreciate the amount of time, research, interviewing and fact-checking that goes into each and every article they write. As a multimedia journalist working in the ever-evolving and technologically advancing field of journalism, I can appreciate their efforts to make outstanding graphics that are easy to read, follow and share.

A few days ago they posted a great graphic about various yoga poses you can do literally anywhere, including the bathroom on an airplane. In training for my upcoming half-marathon and marathon I’ve incorporated a lot of yoga into my training plan for cross-training and stretching. This graphic is so helpful especially when you may be tired after sitting for a long time, say while working at your desk or taking a long flight. I tested out some of these positions in the bathroom at my office today and they are totally doable. I will admit I didn’t try any of the ones that involved touching the floor but I wouldn’t hesitate to try it at home. Let me know what you think!

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Lululemon yoga for runners

As I’ve been training for the half-marathon in September, I’ve been using the Lululemon SeaWheeze half-marathon training app on my iPhone. On the non-running days it suggests doing yoga to help stretch and strengthen the muscles in your legs. Unfortunately, my gym doesn’t offer yoga or any group fit classes so on these yoga days I usually just ignored it and went running anyways.

That was until I discovered the Lululemon YouTube channel! What a treasure! They have a bunch of yoga videos geared specifically toward running the half-marathon, as well as other yoga videos. I had used some of the short post-run yoga, or what they like to call “Run into Yoga (RINY)”  in the app but I never explored outside of it.

When I found these videos last night I decided I would wake up early this morning to do a power yoga video because today was supposed to be a “rest” day. It was fantastic!  In the app, Lululemon describes power yoga as “a high-intensity, fast-paced style that emphasizes overall body strength and stamina.” They also say it’s a great way to build “balanced strength” which is especially good for runners. My legs have been super tight this week and I don’t know about you but those pesky hip-flexors are the hardest to stretch out but this power yoga video was great for that.

Posted below is the power flow yoga video I did this morning. I would also highly recommend visiting Lululemon’s YouTube channel, hit subscribe and give yoga a try.