Best Tips for Running Hills

I survived my second week of hill running today and while I was pushing up the hill, I thought, there must be some sort of trick to this? As I’m still relatively new to running (started last March) and am now training for Big Sur, a race known for its hilly course, I thought I’d take to Twitter and ask my followers, what are the best tips for running hills? Here’s what they said…
  1. Ok runners, I need your help. What are your tips for running up really, really big hills? #marathontraining #runchat
  2. @FitHappyGirl Short steps, pump those arms, head down, focus on steady breathing, most of all enjoy the process of climbing the hill.
  3. @FitHappyGirl #runchat #believe you can do it for staters!! Pump the arms and push from the knees and also practice hill #sprints
  4. Get a power song “@FitHappyGirl: Ok runners, I need your help. tips for running up really, really big hills? #marathontraining #runchat
  5. @fithappygirl Try powerhiking or run short strides, drop shoulders, lean forward slightly, maintain steady pace. #marathontraining #runchat
  6. @FitHappyGirl Attack it like a knight approaching a dragon. Slow and steady at the base, save your strength for the head ;)
  7. @NMoralesNBC @fithappygirl stay on your toes, slow down, watch your heart rate. If you are heart rate training you might even need walk
  8. @NMoralesNBC @fithappygirl What’s the ‘downside’ in this? Is @ryangosling at the bottom of said hills w/wine & flowers? “Hey girl …”
  9. @FitHappyGirl Lean into the hills and raise your knees up as you stride.
  10. @NMoralesNBC @FitHappyGirl trail runner 4 years, don’t look up, don’t look for the top. You will get there, keep the head down n push!
  11. @FitHappyGirl Fast walking instead of running, making sure my breathing stays steady and then resuming normal pace at the top. #runchat
  12. @NMoralesNBC @FitHappyGirl small, mincing steps; keep your eyes up; power up your arms swing; and mentally break up the hill. #gogetem
  13. @fithappygirl @NMoralesNBC Don’t underestimate walking big hills in terms of saving energy and your legs.
  14. @FitHappyGirl – 1- Get mentally ready for pain 2- slow down and focus on both quads and both calves 3 – endure pain from #1.