Track your fitness & health online with these apps and websites

Whether you are just starting out with a new fitness routine, or if you’re a seasoned veteran fitness guru, it’s still difficult to navigate the endless amount of fitness apps for your phone and health websites online. However, one of my favorite fitness websites,, came out with an easy-to-read infographic with their recommendations for tracking your fitness online. Besides showing some of the top websites and apps it gives you reasons why it’s important to track your fitness online.

  • You’ll be more motivated.
  • It gives you more accountability.
  • You’ll benefit from planning.
  • Consistency.

Also, one website/app that didn’t make the list was This website is a social network that allows you to track your workouts using a GPS tracking system in your phone or watch and share your results with the Endomondo community. You can create and accept challenges from other followers or just keep to yourself. Either way, it is a good way to track your progress as you continue your fitness routine.

(I think it goes without saying that Fit Girl Happy Girl is also one of the best fitness blogs out there!)
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