I’m now an editor at Runner’s World

I am very pleased to announce I recently accepted a position as associate editor of multimedia at Runner’s World and I literally could not be more excited! This news is truly a testament to how running has completely changed my life during the past year. Before I started running, I was committed to becoming a traditional journalist- maybe breaking into the political journalism realm- but, as I continued to run and blog about health and wellness I realized how huge of an impact health and fitness journalism has on communities.

As more studies develop in regards to health and wellness, making exercise and nutrition accessible to everyone is becoming more and more important. Once I started to recognize this, I made a decision to focus on health and wellness reporting so I could make exercise, and especially running, accessible for anyone. Although I’ve never claimed to be an expert, I think through reporting on different issues pertaining to running, people are able to get the information they need to start their own “journey to fit.” Runner’s World is dedicated to educating and informing readers about all-things running and is focused on speaking to all runners, regardless of skill or experience level. I am really looking forward to becoming a part of a team that has such a strong dedication to spreading the message of health.

While accepting this position means I will be leaving my family and my closest friends to move to Runner’s World headquarters in Emmaus, PA, it’s going to be an amazing opportunity that I’m sure will open up doors for my career. I just wanted to send out an update to everyone and to thank all of my friends and family (and my dedicated Fit Girl Happy Girl readers!) who’ve been so supportive of me during this whole process!