Trying to run a sub-30 5k? Join the club!

"The hardest step for a runner is the first one out of the front door."

As I was perusing Twitter the other day, I came across a tweet from Runner’s World promoting a new club set up by RW blogger Ted Spiker. The club is called the sub-30 club and its goal is to help motivate runner’s who are trying to run a sub-30 5K.

“What I’ve come to realize is that even though a 30-minute 5K is barge-like for many,” Spilker writes, “plenty of other runners are working their knickers off in an effort to drop the 3 for a 2.”

This could not be truer. While running a sub-30 doesn’t seem like a huge feat to seasoned runners, for the newer runners out there it is an admirable goal. I just started getting into running in February and while I haven’t run my first 5K yet, it’s my goal to run it in at least 29:59 minutes. To reach my target time, I thought I’d join the club and help out other runners who have the same goal.

So, if you’re trying to run a sub-30, or if you already have and are looking to help motivate some newer runners, join the sub club. We can all use a little extra motivation here and there so I would suggest joining on Facebook at The Sub-30 Club (from RW Big Guy Blog).

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