Basics of foam rolling for runners

I finally ordered my first foam roller! This is a big step in my life as a runner because it’s really something every runner should have at their disposal. When used properly a foam roller can be your best friend (even if you may hate it at times). It hurts so good! It can be your own personal masseuse and it able to roll out those muscles you hold so dear during your weekly runs. Before you go rolling though, you should definitely check out this fantastic infographic from one of my favorite fitness websites the Greatist. This graphic shows you different ways to use a foam roller and the different kinds of foam rollers you can buy. You can purchase a foam roller at most specialty running stores. I didn’t have time to stop by my local running store this weekend so I purchase mine on Amazon. Mine was an OPTP Pro Foam Roller and I loved the bright green color, but there were other colors as well. Get rolling!
Foam Rolling Infographic

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