What a difference a sneaker can make

My new Asics GT-2170 sneakers!

I’m home on Spring Break right now so I thought I’d take advantage of my time off to update some of my running gear. First on my list was new sneakers. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been having trouble with runner’s knee, and I have read in a few articles online that being fitted for the right sneakers is extremely important. Apparently, I was running on the complete wrong type of sneakers for my biomechanics. After getting some help from the lovely people at Marathon Sports, a specialty running store in the Boston area, that actually specializes in a unique fitting process called “The Right Fit.” Trained staff at Marathon Sports give a personal consultation to each customer to help them find the perfect shoe for their running routine. The right sneaker can mean the difference between staying active and getting injured.

Before you go on a search for your perfect running shoe, there are some key words you may want to familiarize yourself with:

  • Overpronation: runner’s whose foot rolls inward. According to Runner’s World, “This means the foot and ankle have problems stabilizing the body, and shock isn’t absorbed as efficiently.”
  • Underpronation: conversely, this is when the runner’s foot rolls outward. Runner’s World says that the “forces of impact are concentrated on a smaller area of the foot (the outside part), and are not distributed as efficiently.”
  • Normal pronation: this is the ideal pronation because the foot optimally distributes the forces of impact. RW says, “the foot ‘rolls’ inward about fifteen percent, comes in complete contact with the ground, and can support your body weight without any problem.”

Women’s Health has a pretty comprehensive sneaker guide to help you get started with your search. My best suggestion would be to go to a local specialty running store where people who really know what they’re talking about can help you. It worked for me and there was a huge improvement after I tested out my new sneakers. Also, there’s nothing better than a new sneaker to get you motivated with your running routine!