Fit Girl takes on #PlankADay challenge

I have always loved ab workouts but it’s hard to get deep into the abdominal muscles by doing just crunches. So I am taking on the FitFluential #plankaday challenge. The challenge is simple- complete one plank every day and slowly increase the amount of time the plank lasts each day- the results, fantastic!

According to Live Strong, plank exercises are part of isometric training. In laymen’s terms this means “contracting your muscles against stationary resistance.” Planks and other isometric training can help you get past strengthening plateaus, according to the article, and build mental endurance. As opposed to crunches, planks get at the inner abdominal muscles which is really where the strength comes from.

There are many variations on planks but I’ll show you those in posts later on this week. If you think you’re up for the #plankaday challenge then start off by doing a 30-secon plank each day. After doing a plank you want to be sure to stretch out your back and abs. I like going into the yoga position, child’s pose, for a nice long stretch. Also, let me know how you’re doing and tweet your progress to me @FitHappyGirl and @FitFluential with the hashtag #plankaday.