Video: NYC marathon time-lapse

I came across this video made by Gwen Schroeder on Vimeo and had to share it. Using a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera strapped to her head as she ran the 2011 NYC Marathon, she was able to compile this time-lapse video of the duration of the marathon. The camera took a picture every second, allowing her to then edit the images into one clip.

I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles with a camera attached to my head but I give Gwen the biggest of props for doing so because it allows viewers, like myself, to experience running the NYC Marathon. Also, for anyone who’s already run the race, they can relive it!

2011 New York City Marathon Time-Lapse (ING NYC Marathon) from Gwen Schroeder on Vimeo.

Boston Marathon Infographic

I am so sorry for neglecting my blog the past week, school has been crazy busy but don’t fret, I will be back in full force tomorrow with some new blog posts. In the meantime here’s a cool infographic from yesterday’s Boston Marathon. As a Massachusetts native, and the daughter of a former marathoner, Marathon Monday has always held a special place in my heart. My dad ran the Boston Marathon a total of eight times during his running days and I can only hope to run it some day.