Life and Training Update!

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

It has been far too long since I last blogged here (even though, I think my mom is the only one to notice my absence) but I’ve just been so incredibly busy.

Between training for Chicago, work, moving into a new apartment (!), and life, I haven’t had time to blog much. But my time away from my blog made me realize how much I actually miss it. I like having this space to jot down my thoughts, however random and kind of useless they might be.

Recently, I looked back at a post I wrote right before Chicago training started. I made a list of goals I hoped to accomplish during training for my third marathon. So, as my first post in over a month (and with less than two weeks to go until Chicago, yikes!) I thought I’d see how I’ve done on those goals. Turns out, not too shabby!

  1. Sub-4:00 – … Stay tuned!
  2. Become a morning workout person – Check! It wasn’t easy at first but I now do the majority of my runs before work. I actually really love getting up at 5 a.m. and getting my run done. Who have I turned into? I thought this was going to be one of my hardest goals to accomplish but I have a feeling this one will stick long after Chicago is done.
  3. Stop doing so many doubles – This goal went hand-in-hand with the morning workout goal. My training plan for Chicago called for several mid-week 8, 9, and 10-milers, most of which included speedwork, and I knew splitting up these runs wouldn’t be as beneficial. In my last training cycle, I can recall doing at least one double a week. This time around I think I only did two during the entire training cycle!
  4. Incorporate strength training – I’ve been slacking on this one a bit lately but over the summer I lifted and did strength two-three times a week. Now, I’ve been doing more core and yoga but still trying to do these exercises twice or three times during the week.
  5. Nail down my nutrition – Check! My nutrition wasn’t bad to begin with but I don’t think I was eating enough. Now, I’ve added in a multi-vitamin and have focused on getting more protein into my diet and I’ve noticed an improvement in my recovery.
  6. Operation bootay-shorts – Check! This seemed really silly in the beginning but I honestly was extremely self-conscious to wear spandex shorts in public, like really self-conscious. But after weaning myself onto them, they are practically all I wear! In fact, I plan on running Chicago in these beauties because they have tons of pockets and don’t chafe, or ride up.

I can’t believe almost four months have flown by and it’s almost time to toe that starting line again. I’m excited, nervous, stressed, anxious, and elated to run 26.2 miles through the beautiful Windy City. My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days there (my first time in Chicago) so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

If you’re training for a marathon, how have you done on your training goals?

10 thoughts on “Life and Training Update!

  1. So glad for the update- I’ve missed your posts! I’m so excited for you to run Chicago and I am rooting for you to run sub-4!! So glad your training has been going well (I actually ran by you on Center saturday morning.) :-)
    I really need to build my confidence in the bootay shorts…I am so not brave enough to pull them off in public yet. Haha. Maybe one day….

  2. I was so pleased to see your update in my inbox this morning. I really enjoy reading your updates as we have very similar goals and so, in some ways, it feels like I have a virtual training partner! I live in Malaysia so am headed to Kuala Lumpur next weekend to participate in the Standard Chartered Marathon. Good luck in Chicago! Enjoy the race and please keep up the posts!

  3. Can’t wait to see you crush Chicago…and hopefully get to hang out with you a bit while there! We get to Chicago Friday morning and are around until Tuesday morning. We’re staying with Corey and I think we’ll be at the RW/Asics shake out run if you’ll be around. If not, I’ll email/DM you details on a post-race happy hour we’re doing. :) #gofasttakechances

  4. I found your blog searching for Big Sur running tips, and your post was infinitely helpful! Are you doing Big Sur again this year? It will be my first marathon and I’m super nervous (even though it’s like half a year away!)

    Sounds like you are kicking butt with your Chicago training, good luck and have so much fun!!! As a native Chicagoan I find it hard to recommend just a FEW places, but here are some: Portillo’s, Girl & the Goat, Sunda, Big & Little’s, Kingsbury St Cafe for post-race brunch, Flo (fruity pebbles-encrusted french toast!), Nico Osteria…I could go on and on… :D

    For sightseeing, the Willis tower skydeck is always awesome to see, same with the view from the Signature Room of the Hancock. Lincoln Park Zoo is beautiful (and free!)

  5. I’m running Chicago too and it’s only my second full so I’m super nervous! I know the course is flat and that atmosphere is great but the anxiety of not knowing how race day will go is killing me! Good luck!

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