{Monday Motivation} She’s Running

I don’t know why but I loved this graphic when I saw it on Pinterest – for some reason it really resonated with me.  I can be unapologetically lazy sometimes. I can also be very Type A. A weird combination, I know. I try to train by the book but sometimes, life gets in the way. I try to “X” off all of my training runs but some days the motivation is just not there. This happened to me yesterday when I skipped out on my long run because the weather was just unbearable. Maybe this wasn’t really lazy of me. Maybe it was the smart thing to do. But the Type A Hannah was reeling inside, worrying that missing a long run would mean my training would suffer. Truth is, we’re only three weeks into Chicago training and there’s plenty of time left until race day. My fitness won’t suffer this early on and skipping out on yesterday’s run might mean being about to nail all of my training runs this week. I’m still running, sometimes I just stumble a bit.

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

3 thoughts on “{Monday Motivation} She’s Running

  1. I always need reminding of this. If I skip a day for whatever reason, the guilt can bother me. One day isn’t going to kill my progress – maybe I really need it mentally or physically.

  2. I love this picture! And you make a good point. I too missed out on a long run part of my training because I was traveling back from a vacation. While my head has been telling me I need to run ASAP, my body knows that I have plenty of time to make up for any lost time. I have learned that adjusting our running schedules is sometimes necessary, but now that I am back, I know I will have to work hard. lol.

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