{Monday Motivation} Failure is Part of the Process

Yesterday I almost DNFed my first race. I’ve been training really hard to PR in the half marathon but yesterday, due to things totally out of my control, was just not my day. I was really disappointed. I even cried. But after a good night’s sleep I’m realizing, when you dream big, failure is sometimes part of the process of success.

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

7 thoughts on “{Monday Motivation} Failure is Part of the Process

  1. Sorry to hear about your disappointing race. My half marathon last May was like that, and I felt so disappointed. I’ve tried myself to hold onto the idea of “failing better”- we become better, stronger, and wiser through the “failures” (I’m not sure I even like that term, but whatever…) because of it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sorry to hear it was a rough race. It’s understandable that you’re bummed – it’s so frustrating when you work hard to improve, as you have, and it doesn’t feel like it paid off. But I know there are happier days ahead for you. Keep at it!

  3. That’s a bummer! Despite all our training and planning sometimes things just go wrong. But there is always the next race, and it looks as if you’ve already learned something important from it.

  4. Just like in life, you have to roll with it and move on. You lived to run another day.
    I read another blog where a lady had a fracture that prevented her from finishing the Boston Marathon. I think she had to drop out around mile 17. She will be out for a few months.

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