{Monday Motivation} I Need to Run

This was totally me this weekend. After the snow caused me to miss my yoga class and I was on self-inflicted rest from running, I couldn’t stand being away from cardio for much longer and I signed up for a gym. I took an entire week off from running last week (I don’t know if I’ve ever done that) and ran my first run (after the week off) on Friday on the treadmill. Running on the reliably flat surface helped with my foot and I actually felt pretty good. My plan was to run Friday, yoga Saturday, and run again on Sunday. But best laid plans have a habit of being ruined this winter and that’s what happened this weekend. So, I caved and registered for a gym. I know I’m not the only runner to be relinquishing themselves to the treadmill this winter but I’d much rather run inside than risk further injury. From here on out until the first flowers bloom this spring, you can find me at the St. Luke’s Human Performance Center (a pretty sweet gym made even sweeter by the discount I got on registration thanks to my boyfriend!).

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

5 thoughts on “{Monday Motivation} I Need to Run

  1. I’ve been doing a lot more treadmill runs recently. Definitely makes me sad, but it’s better than no run at all. The ice has just been brutal on the sidewalks lately, and it just hasn’t seemed worth it to risk injury while freezing my butt of in feels-like-negative temps. Hope the treadmill treats you well!

  2. Safety is important- people have asked me why i am running inside so much and not just brave the elements more days and it’s typically because of UNSAFE conditions. It is not worth risking injury or illness due to weather conditions when i can run inside and get a solid workout in with less risks. Obviously I would rather be outside but I don’t think there is anything wrong with erring on the side of caution with the weather we have been dealing with.

    Also, Super glad the foot is feeling better. Sending positive vibes your way hoping it stays on the mend. Enjoy the new sweet gym!

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