Ouch (!) My Foot Hurts

Funny, because my Mom had plantar fasciitis.

Funny, because my Mom had plantar fasciitis.

“Ouch! My foot hurts.”

That’s what I said as I came to a hobbling stop about 3 miles into our out-and-back run on Saturday. The run was going pretty smoothly for the first three miles, despite having to run nearly a minute and a half slower than my normal pace due to snow. But when we got halfway through the run I felt a searing pain shoot through my foot.

At first I shook it off, stretched it on a curb, and continued to run for about two tenths of a mile, but it was clear I couldn’t keep running. I waited it out inside nearby while my boyfriend ran back to my apartment to get the car and come pick me up.

I spent most of my waiting time beating myself up for not sucking it up and running the three miles back. I, like many other stubborn runners, pride myself on my tolerance for pain. I can usually deal with aches and soreness but this pain in my foot was unlike any I’d felt before. (Side note: Don’t ever run through pain. It’s really bad for you and my colleagues at RW would agree.)

I spent the rest of the day and most of Sunday hobbling around, unable to put too much pressure on it. After doing some yoga, stretching out on Sunday, and continuing to foam roll both my calf muscles and my foot, it’s started to feel better on Monday and Tuesday.

So, on Tuesday I decided to join in on the group run out of our local running store, the Emmaus Run Inn. It was an easy 4 miles at roughly 8:30/pace. At the beginning of the run I could definitely feel the pain but it wasn’t the same shooting pain I felt on Saturday. My stride was definitely compensated and I felt my opposite leg working harder. But I was able to finish the run and felt pretty fine.

That is until I woke up yesterday morning and the pain was back, but still not as painful as Saturday or Sunday. I opted out of my run on Wednesday and hopped on a spin bike (for the first time). I figured cycling would be a much lower impact way to get my cardio in and I was right – plus, no foot pain!

For now I’m going to continue to take it easy, stretch, and ice my foot. I’m thinking it’s plantar fasciitis but I still can’t be sure. Hopefully I’ll have better news to report soon!

Have you ever dealt with plantar fasciitis or foot pain? What did you do to rehab it?

24 thoughts on “Ouch (!) My Foot Hurts

  1. Ugh, I have had plantar fasciitis before. Rolling your foot on a tennis ball can help, and if it gets worse I do recommend the “Strassbourg sock” that you can buy online. It keeps your foot stretched while you are sleeping (not comfy or pretty, but effective). The other piece of advice I got (which really helped) was to always wear shoes – never be barefoot without support, at least while the PF is still painful. Good luck!

    • Thank you for your recommendations! I’ve been icing a ton and rolling it on a ball. It’s getting a little better but I want it to go away completely!

  2. Nooooo! I have had some strange foot pains in the past…tell me more about where you feel the pain. Bottom, by the heel? Forefoot? All over? Does it hurt more when you jump on it, stretch it back with your hand, or try to “twist” it around?

    • It’s on the bottom of my left foot near the outer edge of the foot so not really the arch or the heel, just the side. It hurts when pushing off, especially up hills but it seems to be getting a little better.

      • I’m glad it’s getting a little better! I’ve had some mystery pain there before too. It resolved itself quickly, but maybe try running in less stable shoes and see if that relieves it? Like, Mirage instead of Kayano for a few runs in a row (unless that’s what you’ve been running in regularly already).

  3. Ouch! I’ve totally had this pain – and it was a similar situation last year, when I woke up the next morning after getting through a run I probably shouldn’t have, I couldn’t even stand. Turns out it was my calf muscles and tendons (the posterior tibial tendon) that were tight and weak. Lots of foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening of my calves (and feet – rolling a golf ball can be a game changer) seemed to help over time. Hope you feel better soon!!

    • Thank you! It’s no fun being sidelined by injury but it definitely is a test of patience. I’ve dealt with IT band pain before too and that’s a tough one. I hope you get better soon!

  4. There is a person I know that has yet to start running after the same thing happened to her. There are good few videos on YouTube which give loads of stretches etc etc but spinning is definitely a good way to keep pressure off your foot :) good luck with your recovery

  5. I always keep a frozen water bottle in the freezer so I can easily ice my foot, whenever I feel sore. You should try it. Although it sounds dreadful but also resting (no running) for 2 weeks normally cures any minor pain.

  6. I had plantar fasciitis this summer, with the same shooting pain symptoms, I used the time for a lot of yoga, cycling, and strength training. I took about 5 weeks until I could do normal runs again. During the 5 weeks I tried to run once each weekend, but they were only 3-5 mile runs.

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