Marine Corps Training: Week 13 and 14

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

Totally slacking on posting my workouts here! (If you want real-time update, be sure to add me on Daily Mile!) But training has been going well and it’s (FINALLY) starting to wind down. I’ve had a few bumps in the road with some IT band and lower leg soreness on my left leg but I was able to readjust my training schedule and work through it. I also had a major bump in the road this past week with some GI issues during my long run, not fun at all. But I’m feeling ready and looking forward to starting my taper this week. I’m also really looking forward to the Runner’s World Half this weekend which I’ll be running as my final training run. Will I see you there?

Week 13 – Sept. 30-Oct. 6

Monday: Yoga

45 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Tuesday: 6 miles, easy

My IT Band was acting up again on this run. I really thought about stopping the run short and walking back to the office. I was able to power through but it definitely gave me some pause. I’m going to re-evaluate my training plan and cut back some of the mileage. I think I may have been a little too ambitious with a higher mileage training plan.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 6 miles in 57:38 at 9:36/mile pace
(1) 9:35 (2) 9:30 (3) 9:48 (4) 9:37 (5) 9:43 (6) 9:24

Shoes: Asics Gel Flux
Conditions: Way too hot!

Wednesday: 8 miles with 5x800m at 4:15

Run one of the day went well. It was so dreadfully hot outside though that it was pretty slow going. I ran with a coworker which was really nice because sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to do a shorter run.

Plan: 3 miles easy
Actual: 3 miles in 27:00 at 9:00/mile

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: 80 degrees, full sun

This Yasso 800 workout went surprisingly well! I ran it on the treadmill because I have a habit of doing Yasso 800s WAY faster than goal pace so I wanted to see what the pace really felt like. I felt really great the whole time though and my IT band didn’t hurt too bad which was really great.

Plan: 5 miles with 5x800m Yasso 800s at 4:15 (8:30/mile)
1-mile warmup at 9:22/mile pace
5×800 in 4:13 (8:27/mile pace)
.5-mile cool down

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: Indoors

Thursday: 50 minutes of Strength Training

Strength Workout for Runners:

3 x 1:00 planks
3 x 0:30 side planks
3 x 0:45 supine planks
3 x 0:45 bicycles
3 x 0:45 bridge

Arms- 3 x 10 of all
Rotational Should Press (10lbs)
Alternating Dumbbell Rows (15lbs)
Tricep Pulls (15lbs)
21s (8lbs)

3 x 15 standing side leg lifts
3 x 10 calf raises

Friday: 5 miles, easy

5 miles in 45:44 at 9:08/mile pace

Saturday: 5 mile shakeout

Sunday: 20 miles, long slow distance

This was my last 20-miler of Marine Corps training and it was honestly my best training run in a long time. I felt really good during the whole run and when I got to mile 10 I decided I would try to pick it up. I ended up running a negative split with a fast finish. This was absolutely the confidence-boosting run I needed.

Plan: 20 miles, long slow distance (10:30-11:00 according to plan)
Actual: 20 miles in 3:14:34 at 9:43/mile pace
(1) 10:25 (2) 9:42 (3) 9:49 (4) 10:00 (5) 9:50 (6) 9:56 (7) 9:58 (8) 9:57 (9) 9:42 (10) 9:33 (11) 9:41 (12) 9:43 (13) 9:44 (14) 9:43 (15) 9:53 (16) 9:33 (17) 9:33 (18) 9:24 (19) 9:33 (20) 8:49

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: 68 degrees, 94 percent humidity, overcast

Week 14 – Oct. 7-Oct. 13

Monday: 25 minutes of yoga

I tried out Rebecca Pacheco’s Essential Yoga for Runners video on our website.

Tuesday: 7.2 miles

Run One: This run went well during lunch. I had to split up my mileage today because I could do it all in one run during lunch.

Plan: 5.1 miles in 47:44
(1) 9:45 (2) 9:23 (3) 9:42 (4) 9:16 (5) 8:58

Run Two: I did this run on the treadmill after work and made sure to stretch a bunch and foam roll after.

Plan: 2 miles in 17:30

Wednesday: 7.15 miles

I ran this early in the morning and it was quite chilly! I felt good though and just took it easy.

Plan: 7 miles, easy
Actual: 7.15 miles in 1:06:11
(1) 9:51 (2) 9:19 (3) 9:12 (4) 9:24 (5) 9:27 (6) 9:02 (7) 8:47

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: 48 degrees overcast

Thursday: 6.26 miles

I felt absolutely phenomenal on this run! This was honestly the best run I’ve had in a long time and I was really excited once I finished. My left leg only hurt a little and even in the pouring rain it was my fastest pace in a few weeks which was great. I also ran with a group of ladies at work who I don’t usually get the chance to run with so that was really nice.

Plan: 5 miles, easy
Actual: 6.26 in 54:20 at 8:40/mile pace
(1) 9:06 (2) 8:29 (3) 8:38 (4) 8:25 (5) 8:32 (6) 8:53 (7) 2:17 for .26

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: 52 degrees, raining

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 mile shakeout

I was supposed to run a local 5K but found out they didn’t have race day registration so I ended up running around the park instead.

Plan: 3.1 miles + 1-mile cool down
Actual: 4.1 miles in 36:33 at 8:54/mile
(1) 9:21 (2) 8:57 (3) 8:43 (4) 8:53

Sunday: 10.5 miles

This run started off so well and ended pretty terribly. It was the first time I ran with my super speedy BF and he promised to run my pace (which he did) and I actually felt really great, until about mile 7 when I started having major GI issues. It was bad. I was able to make it back to the house but had to cut 6 miles off my run (was planning to do 16) because I was really not feeling well. I think the problem was a new drink I tried before the run but who knows?

I’m not that upset about not getting in the 16. My training plan for Big Sur had me running 13 two weeks out from the marathon, and 10 one week out (this one had me doing 16 two weeks out and 10 one week out) but I’m running the RW Half next weekend so it should all equal out.

2 thoughts on “Marine Corps Training: Week 13 and 14

  1. I used to have IT issues whenever I would step up my mileage. Foam rolling and stretches helped, but what I think ultimately fixed it was I took 8 weeks off and started doing yoga regularly. Also, I think I might lean to my left a tiny bit when I run. You might try to focus on evening out your stride (especially at the beginning of runs before you are tired), or even having someone watch you to see if you are doing the same. Of course 8 weeks off isn’t an option for you now, and it seems like you are doing some yoga and all the right rolling and stretching so hopefully you’re set!

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