Marine Corps Training: Week 12

"I Run This Body" bracelet courtesy of Miss Dorothy Beal! (

“I Run This Body” bracelet courtesy of Miss Dorothy Beal! (

We’re getting down to the wire now and week 12 was a cutback week which gave me plenty of time to think about how close we’re getting to race day. I needed this cutback week desperately after dealing with some IT band soreness and shinsplints the week before. While the soreness is still there on my runs, I’m trying now to just focus on getting to the starting line at Marine Corps and finishing the race. My workouts went really well last week so I’m hoping this week will be successful too.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6 miles, easy

I felt pretty good on this run until I got the worst side stitch of my life nearly 2 miles into the run. Seriously, I’ve never had a side stitch so bad, it felt like my entire abdominal muscle was seizing up. Ouch! Thankfully it went away after I stopped to stretch it out and take some deep breathes. I also took this run super easy because my legs are still feeling the after-effects of Sunday’s 20-miler. This run also confirmed for me that my Garmin is off by about .05-mile which means my paces are probably actually a tad faster than they read.

Plan: 6 miles, easy
Actual: 6 miles in 55:35 at 9:15/mile
(1) 9:31 (2) 9:19 (3) 9:06 (4) 9:22 (5) 9:17 (6) 8:57

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: 61 degrees, sunny

Wednesday: 10 miles total (two runs)

Run One:

I felt really good on this run. I wanted to take it easy since I’d be running later on again but I felt great. My Garmin was way off though again which was frustrating.

Plan: 5 miles easy
Actual: 5.45 miles in 49:09 at 9:01/mile
(1) 9:22 (2) 9:10 (3) 8:57 (4) 8:54 (5) 8:50

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19

Run Two:

4.55 miles in 39:00 at 8:35/mile pace

This run felt INCREDIBLE! So happy!

Thursday: 8 miles, easy

Ran 8 miles in 1:12 at 9:00/mile pace after work.

Friday: 5 miles, easy

Ran 5 miles in 44 minutes at 8:48/mile pace

It was Move at Work Day at Rodale so I joined in on the 3-mile group run and added 2 miles to the beginning.

Saturday: Rest Day (Mom came to visit!)

Sunday: 13 miles, long slow distance

I felt really good on this run. It was refreshing to have a “shorter” long run too. I ran on a rail trail with my roommate who had to run 11 miles. It was fun to just be out there with her and talk.

Plan: 13 miles, easy
Actual: 13 miles in 2:04:07 at 9:32/mile average
(1) 9:26 (2) 9:23 (3) 9:30 (4) 9:30 (5) 9:53 (6) 9:38 (7) 9:48 (8) 9:27 (9) 9:46 (10) 9:34 (11) 9:45 (12) 9:30 (13) 8:54

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano 19
Conditions: 68 degrees

Weekly Mileage Total: 42 miles

8 thoughts on “Marine Corps Training: Week 12

  1. Did you take any time off because OF your IT band? What kind of rehab did you do? One of the athletes I coach is having issues and have had to take about 5 days off at the point. I am not sure how fast I can come back with her or what exercises hurt or trigger it. Any advice is appreciated:)

    • Hey! Yes, I took two days off two weeks ago (instead of running 13 miles). During the off days, I did some stretches including pigeon pose, that helped. I also foam rolled a bunch and iced. I have a few hip strenghtening exercises that I did as well to try to strengthen my hips a bit. I hope your athlete can get back out there! Being sidelined by injury is the worst!

  2. Nice stepback week definitely some solid training. Also love that you were able to get a rest day and spend time with your mom, I love when I can do that! MCM is coming up quick for you, you’ve got this!

    • Thanks, Laura! It took some jiggling around of the schedule but I was determined to have plenty of time to spend with my mom since she was just visiting for the weekend. I can’t believe MCM is so soon! Ahh!

  3. HI Hannah! Good job this week! Our plans look similar! I using the Runners World Challenge plan and I’m loving it!

      • I’m using the RW Challenge 4:00 plan. I think if all goes well I will be closer to around 4:07-4:10, which is fine with me! Thanks!

  4. I have the exact same watch as you, and it’s been driving me crazy lately! I can tell it’s way off and is making me run farther than I should be (I sometimes run on a course with marked distances, and my Garmin never matches up). It also said my 5k last weekend was only 2.98 miles, when I know they measured that course out correctly! I’m glad it’s not just my watch acting up, I hope we can fix them somehow!

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