Monday Motivation – Be In Love With Your Life

After a wonderful weekend of running, being with friends and even running with friends, I saw this graphic and thought it would be perfect for today’s Monday Motivation. Although we may not all live the most perfect lives, there’s something good in every moment of our lives. Happy running this week!

4.8.13 - Be in love with your life

3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Be In Love With Your Life

  1. Agreed. It’s easy to get upset about all of the demands on your time and so many things to do. I try to find a way to enjoy everything, it’s all part of being alive and that’s what I’m here for – to live.
    I’ve turned driving my kids around into, I get to spend time with my girls. Yeah! I’ve trurned a difficult day at work into – isn’t the rest of my life so much better than this, and if I can handle this BS imagine how well I can handle the BS elsewhere or in other situations. It’s a learning experience, not just a pain in the ass.

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