Week 16: Half-marathon training update

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I can’t believe my first half-marathon is now only one week away! That being said, this past week I started to taper my miles so I’ll be prepped and ready to go for next weekend.

This week as super busy and hectic for a variety of reasons, one of which I will announce tomorrow because it’s a HUGE deal!! But training-wise I did pretty well. I’ve never run a half obviously so it was weird to taper because after running a 14-miler last Saturday I just wanted to do it again. But in the spirit of not getting injured and storing my energy, I did what my training plan told me to do and tapered.

Monday was my crazy busy day so unfortunately I only had enough time to do a quick yoga session and ab workout in the morning. I was on the move for the rest of the day which I will talk about later..

On Tuesday I did a 2-mile pick up run with quicker paces of 8:03/mile and even some 7’s thrown in there. I was really tired from work and the day before but I knew I had to get this run in so I sucked it up.

I had planned to run 3 miles on Wednesday but my foot was really bothering me for some reason so I ended up just doing 2-miles (and change). However, because I cut my mileage I decided to do some strength training which included squats, lunges and some lifting. Also, I did ab work as well.

Thursday was shaping up to be another busy day at work (I had to cover a meeting until 10:30 p.m.) so I knew I could only get in a quick workout in the morning. I did two Tone It Up workouts, as well as my own arm workouts and abs.

I got out of work early on Friday so when I got home at noon, I quickly changed into my running clothes and went out. I did a quick 3-mile run and the route included some pretty ridiculous hills so this run gave my buns a run for their money. It felt really great though to push up the hills.

Saturday I had to work all day so I couldn’t get in a run but decided I needed a rest day after the week I had.

I went out for my “long” run on Sunday and I put “long” in quotes because the run was only supposed to be 6 miles, which felt like nothing compared to last week’s 14-mile run. This run went really well though and I tested out a new route which is always exciting. I took it really easy pace-wise with this run because with the half only a week away, I’m not taking ANY chances.

Overall it was a really great week for training. I’m looking forward to the half-marathon next Sunday because I feel like I’m really prepared (knock on wood!) Also I can’t wait to tell everyone my big news tomorrow so be sure to check back here to find out!!

How is your training going? What are your thoughts on tapering before a big race?

9 thoughts on “Week 16: Half-marathon training update

  1. I’m training for a half marathon at the beginning of November, and so far it’s going pretty well. Some aches in my shins and knees, but that’s it! Tapering is great. The last time I did it I didn’t go too crazy. For me I just need to plan things to do while tapering so I don’t go crazy:)

    • I totally agree with you! I was really busy last week so it actually worked out that it was a taper week but this week will be a different story. Good luck with your half!!

  2. Keep up the great work! I am a new runner and I can only dream of a 8 min mile at this point. :) I am getting ready for a half marathon next Feb. I’m sure you’ll do great next week – good training leads to great races!

  3. I definitely taper, but I don’t reduce my mileage TOO drastically, maybe 30-40%, but I can definitely feel a positive difference when I cut back on the mileage; I think my body appreciates the downtime and it’s worth it!

      • You and me both; it’s called “taper madness”! It’s like “Great, what do I do with all that free time now?” And after THAT it’s “reverse taper” where you get back INTO training, but if your case I think the half can be part of your full training anyway, so no need to reverse taper too much. Good luck this weekend! (BTW the compression sleeves are still a lifesaver, and I credit your review for discovering them, so props!)

      • I know! But after the half I’m just going to continue doing what I’ve been doing and up my mileage. I’m glad you still love the comprression sleeves! I can’t live without mine!

  4. I have the BAA Half on October 7th. I’m not really tapering for this race because on 10/13 I have a full marathon. So, I’m actually using the BAA Half as my last long run before the marathon. Due to an injury I never really built up a significant weekly mileage total., so there’ not much to taper down from.
    The taper is a challenge though, been there many times.

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