Compression sleeves, what’s the deal?

  1. Totally loving my awesome new compression sleeves! #fitfluential
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 16:00:00
  2. FitHappyGirl
    Thoughts on compression sleeves for running? #runchat
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 15:37:01
  3. bessharrington
    @FitHappyGirl I love my @zensah compression socks!
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 15:37:54
  4. redrunningshoe
    @FitHappyGirl I loooove compression sleeves. I use them when I race. I’m a big fan of the Compressport stuff. #runchat
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 15:38:45
  5. jamiegusrang
    @FitHappyGirl Have been thinking about this lately. My dad swears by CEP, but felt too tight for me. Curious about other brands. #runchat
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 15:48:40
  6. redrunningshoe
    @jamiegusrang @FitHappyGirl You should try Compressport sleeves. I love mine. #runchat
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 15:50:32
  7. enduroTwerd
    @FitHappyGirl love them! Run all my races in them. @CEPCOMPRESSION
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 15:52:29
  8. bessharrington
    @FitHappyGirl @Zensah really relieves shin and calf pain that I’m susceptible to…also I feel it helps with leg fatigue!
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 16:47:12
  9. enduroTwerd
    @FitHappyGirl @cepcompression I tend to crap from exertion in my races. This keeps the cramps away.
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 17:33:50
  10. redrunningshoe
    @FitHappyGirl They are a very tight knit fabric vs a spandex type fabric. They don’t constrict my calves, they fit like a comfy 2nd skin
    Sun, Jul 29 2012 17:48:41

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