Monday motivation: #RunHappy

After a great week of training I remembered my long-lost tradition of posting Monday Motivation. So here it is, back in full force, your weekly reason to run. Without sounding too preachy I just want to reiterate how much of a believer in the power of the human spirit I am. Four months ago I could barely run a mile without feeling completely drained and now I can run over 10 miles at an 8:41/mile pace. I ran my fastest mile last week of 6:31 and I’m just going to keep going. Running has challenged me, tested my stamina and tested my spirit but it’s made me so much stronger because of it. I’m not stopping any time soon and I hope you don’t either! #RunHappy



2 thoughts on “Monday motivation: #RunHappy

    • Really? That’s awesome! Mine is actually baby blue too but it looks kind of green in this photo. Happy running to you too!

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