Reach your running goal? Learn how to add more miles

Today was an exciting day because for the first time since starting the Couch to 5K program in March, I reached 3.1 miles without taking a break or feeling like I was going to keel over and die. I got to the 3.1 mark at 33:33, and that included a 5 minute warm-up walk. I’m hoping that as I continue my running routine I can shave off some time by cutting down on the warm-up, in order to run a sub-30.

For the rest of you who may have reached your running goal and want to push further to build endurance,  Jeff Galloway, from Runner’s World, wrote up a simple training plan to help you double your endurance in only six weeks.

First off, the article says you should shoot for running three times a week. Right now I run three days a week with crossfit (cardio kickboxing, strength training, target training etc.) in between. However, it is important to let your muscles rest before and after running because then they’ll be fresher for your next run.

The article also suggests designating each day for a different kind of run. One day can be for a “maintenance” run, a run that maintains your fitness and is easy-going. Another day can be for a long distance run, this is the day you’ll begin to increase your mileage. The third day can be set aside for speed play, or “fartlek” (funny word, I know). On a speed play you want to start running at a normal pace and pick up your speed when you’re ready. The article says you can focus on an object and sprint towards it then job for recovery.

As always, remember to pace yourself and stay hydrated. You don’t want to lose all of your energy at the start of your run at the risk of becoming exhausted, so start slow in the beginning and pick up the pace as each miles passes.

Here is the training plan designed by Runner’s World to build mileage in six weeks:

Week ONE:
Maintenance (Miles) – 3.5
Fartlek (Miles) – 3
Long Run (Miles) – 4

Week TWO:
Maintenance (Miles) – 4
Fartlek (Miles) – 3.25
Long Run (Miles) – 5

Maintenance (Miles) – 4
Fartlek (Miles) – 3
Long Run (Miles) – 4

Week FOUR:
Maintenance (Miles) – 5
Fartlek (Miles) – 3.5
Long Run (Miles) – 6

Week FIVE:
Maintenance (Miles) – 5.5
Fartlek (Miles) – 3
Long Run (Miles) – 4

Week SIX:
Maintenance (Miles) – 6
Fartlek (Miles) – 3.5
Long Run (Miles) – 7

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