Change of scenery to rejuvenate your fitness routine

Yesterday was one of my “rest” days from my 5k program so I decided to jump in my car and take a drive up the coast to York, Maine for the day with my sister. We have been going to York since we were children and wanted to get near the ocean for a change of scenery. Although technically I was supposed to rest, my sister and I decided to go on a brisk walk on the “Fisherman’s Walk,” which runs along York Harbor. The trail isn’t very long but crosses Rt. 103 and connects to a small island by what we’ve always called “the Wiggly Bridge.” The small island in the harbor also has trails consisting of some wooded terrain.

It was nice to get outside and exercise on such a beautiful day because getting fresh air and exposure to the sun is always a nice change for any fitness routine. Maine recently made an appearance on Women’s Health magazine’s top 10 list for healthiest cities for women. Portland, Maine came in at number eight, boasting a low obesity rate of 26.8 percent and life expectancy of 76.35 for women. Portland also 73 percent more gyms than the average city. But in general, Maine has a lot to offer in terms of living an active lifestyle. What’s important is that you get outside and get fit!

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